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    It works quickly, with minimal effort and a small amount of cream. It has a pleasant odor, and doesn't stain. Mild dryness, but not enough to make you frustrated. It's a simple, inexpensive solution to a problematic issue that we all deal with. Try it!
  1. I seem to break out mostly on my nose too. For years, it was everywhere. I went on Accutane, it kept me clear for several years. I am 24 and experience spurts of acne on my nose that last for weeks, then go away. I have tried so many things, but haven't found one particular things that works. I seem to get white heads and patchy areas of redness. I don't know if it's Rosacea or something else.
  2. I got this from http://beauty.about.com * Concealer Up to 12 months. * Powder 2 years. * Cream & gel cleansers 1 year. * Pencil eye liner Should be sharpened regularly. Will last up to 3 years. * Eyeshadow Will also last up to 3 years. Extra tip: A dark eyeshadow can double as eyeliner, in fact, most makeup artists swear by eyeshadow used as eyeliner. You'll need a super-flat eyeliner brush for this (MAC, Sephora and Aveda have great brushes). Get the brush a littl
  3. Me. Once in a while, yes; but I'm human. My skin has been my biggest flaw for many years of my life. However, I have dated, and no one asked me about my scars unless we talked about acne. I even dated someone who was on Accutane at the time, mainly because we got on that subject, and he told me. It's only skin deep. If someone can't accept me and all of me, then they can get bent. Gay or straight. =)
  4. It's really amazing nonetheless.

    1. YAY! OMG, you should seriously investigate that for me! I want it somehow!

      1. OK, as of recently, I can say that Pantene has been forgiven. LOL They have a new line geared toward specific hair types. I have been using Med-to-Thick: Breakage to Strength solutions shampoo and conditioner. I instantly noticed a difference. It seems to keep my hair moisturized, and my hair protected from breakage.
      2. Ugh, you're so gorgeous it hurts! :(

        1. I like AXE's pomade. It's cheap, and a little bit goes a long way.
        2. Wow, so it's been over a year since my last post. I've been off Accutane for 4 years. Exciting, I say! I have had some break outs, mostly minor. I don't take any prescribed medication for my acne. I just use a gentle Cetaphil cleanser and a Burt's Bees exfoliating cleanser. I also use a pimple extractor tool, and a spot treatment; also, eating healthy as much as I can, exercising, and monitoring my stress. Other than that, my skin is in great shape. Well, cya!
        3. It doesn't exist. Don't believe what the others have told you.
        4. Yep, I love picking pimples and the scabs that form from my picking. Yep, I definitely begged day and night, prayed since my birth, asking for acne.
        5. LOL I know, right? I was just LOLing the whole time.

          1. Loochilicious! ^_^

            1. It really is fabulous. I use Back to Basics' Rich Moisture shampoo and conditioner. I've been using it for a few years now and my coarse hair is a lot softer now! I think it's been helping because they contain coconut oil and the conditioner also has jojoba seed oil. People can just buy these products separately, though, and use them on their own. In fact, I also use extra virgin coconut oil in my hair from time to time and it's really great stuff. It is the only oil (I think) that fully pene
            2. HEY! Long time no talk!

              1. I've used so many different types of shampoos and conditioners. I like Aussie's 2-in-1 Moist as well the Moist conditioner. I use that for summer right now, and use Biolage leave-in conditioner mixed with olive oil. My hair is fabulous.
              2. Please delete my account as well. My acne.org life isn't worth living any more. I kid, I kid.