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  1. Thanks. lol No prob. I posted some things I've done here for AKL in the Creativity Thread. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?s=&showtopic=270091&view=findpost&p=3125730

    1. Wow you're looking great tho. Congrats!

      Yep, singing every moment of the day! lol

      1. Haha thanks. I'm good. How are you?

        1. That's a good idea lol

          1. :D They're all right. Going through a rough time, but will get past it. How about you? :-)
            1. Hidey ho, Neighborino!

              1. Hello fellow earth sign ^__^

                1. Are you a model? You're stunning!

                  1. Everyone needs a good ass-licking every now and then, y'know.

                    1. It happens to me all the time if I am browsing around 3AM MST. If I remember correctly, no matter where you are, that is when they update the servers, I think.
                    2. I'm doing all right thanks. WHAT?! NOOO!!

                      1. Great log, Tim. I like how detailed your posts are. Keep it up!
                      2. I love vests! This one is way cute!
                      3. Why are you leaving us? :(

                        1. I'd like that. Thanks.