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  1. Wow I haven't posted here in ages!

    Anyway, so today I was at a restaurant and an awkward gentleman walked in wearing a surgical mask. I thought perhaps it was because of the air pollution. I proceeded to wait for my food that I ordered. He seemed very self-conscious. I noticed that he had severe acne on his face. I made small talk with him, and he wouldn't look me in the eye. I wondered to myself, "Is he wearing that because of his skin?"

    It didn't matter either way. I used to hide behind long hair. Now my acne is mild to only a few bumps once in a while after going through ah Accutane course 6 years ago.

    My question to you is: Do you go to measures such as this to conceal your acne?

  2. The most common errors when uploading pictures are due to the file extension (jpeg, bitmap, png, etc.) The simplest solution would be to open the image in Windows Paint, and then save it as a JPEG. That would change the size, might affect the quality a bit, but it would most likely allow you to upload it.

    The other thing might be that your storage capacity has been reached, but am unsure about this.

    As Ayla said, take a screenshot of the error (Prnt Screen). Then, open Windows Paint, paste, and save. Upload to this thread as an attachment.

  3. You know what I think is worse? Voting on whether you'd have one or the other. You might as well choose death. Seriously, this is ridiculous. A man born with no arms or legs, do you think he'd rather be blind too? Who are any of us to say what is ugly? Or that one is any better than the other? As they say, "the grass isn't always greener on the other side," and neither is the skin. ;-)

  4. I agree with everyone else who said a gentle cleanser such as Cetaphil. But don't overuse it. My mom is in her late 50s, with Rosacea; she uses a gentle moisturizer by Olay to remove her make-up. She has the most moisturized skin I've ever seen on a woman her age. Now, that doesn't work for everyone. But whether you're young or old, you don't need anything harsh. Your make-up only rests on the surface of your skin. You don't need those chemically enriched products to remove make-up. They'll dry out your skin more, causing you to break out and break the skin.

  5. They're all weaves. So, just change the color. :) You can definitely achieve the look you want by using the right products, especially when it comes to curling or making waves appear in your hair.