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Status Updates posted by WalkTheWire

  1. Hey brah, you flyin' Santa's sleigh in your profile pic? lol :-P

    1. Loochi


      Hey bro! how you been? haven't been on org for a bit! I'm a telemarketer mate, wanna buy something? ; ) LOL!

    2. WalkTheWire


      BAHAHAHA sure. Are you selling life insurance? :-P I'm good man! Miss chatting with you. Hope all is well.

    3. Loochi


      LOL. was about to push the 'delete' button on your comment because I thought it was the 'like' button. Too much facebook?? Yeah mate, miss the chat with you too, always welcome to start one up mate, I'm always around.. Just need to be summoned. I'll make sure to make more time to come chill next time I come to the states! Can't wait bro, it really is the dream land! lol!

  2. You have a beautiful smile!

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    2. WalkTheWire


      No worries. :) It's always nice to receive a compliment.

    3. colostomus


      lol, in that case, nice..uh..tongue :)

    4. WalkTheWire


      Haha, thanks. It either creeps you out or you like it.

  3. Hey gorgeous! How are you?

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    2. WalkTheWire


      Awww...I'm doing all right. Looking forward to meeting a special orger this Friday! ;-)

    3. NessaVenasaur


      Luuuuucky!!!!!! >_< So jealous!

    4. WalkTheWire


      Awww hehe I'll share details, no worries! :D <3

  4. We miiiiissss you!!!!!

    1. You have a great smile, Paul! :)

      1. PaulH85


        Thanks Ant! :) It doesn't appear very often - people on my Facebook seem shocked that I posted a picture of me smiling! Haha. I don't suppose I've given myself a lot to smile about this year. Perhaps it's time for that to change. :)

      2. WalkTheWire


        Well, it's lovely either way. :) I've always been self-conscious about my smile. I don't know why, I have nice teeth like you. Maybe we don't want our beautiful smiles to blind people. Hehe. ^_^

      3. PaulH85


        Yeah, that must be it! I was going to print a huge copy of my picture and hang it outside to scare all the kids for Halloween! Haha

        I'm quite surprised actually. I realised yesterday that I've never actually been complimented on my smile. That's kind of a sad thought, just goes to show how much I've shied away from people. I guess now my skin's getting better, I need to learn how to be a bit confident and learn to put myself out there again after shutt...

    2. LOL I love your avatar! I saw a t-shirt Nyan Cat at Hot Topic. I almost bought it.

      1. OK, I just figured out now that all my comments are in my Profile Feed. LOL D'oh!

        1. You're so pretty!

          1. You're so pretty!

            1. I want you to cook my food!

              1. lol Thanks. It does the job.

                1. Aw, you're sweet, Leona! So are you!

                  1. LOL It's a mind trip for sure!

                    1. OMG! Well, I can send over some dildos if they'd like. Those are great novelty items for anti-gay moody people.

                      1. Man, every time I see your avatar I want to smack my screen! lol

                        1. BWAHAHAHA It drives people bananas. That was my point. What's life without humor? RELIGION! oops, did I just say that? j/k

                          1. Great profile pic, man!

                            1. Thanks man. That's one of my favs too. Yeah, we shall see! I'll never give up on music no matter what! :-)

                              1. Thanks. lol No prob. I posted some things I've done here for AKL in the Creativity Thread. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?s=&showtopic=270091&view=findpost&p=3125730

                                1. Wow you're looking great tho. Congrats!

                                  Yep, singing every moment of the day! lol

                                  1. Haha thanks. I'm good. How are you?

                                    1. That's a good idea lol

                                      1. :D They're all right. Going through a rough time, but will get past it. How about you? :-)