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  1. lols. this is not the result of birth control . i am a guy. this name is just a fake identity. is there any otc products i can use to try to fix my problem? will aha products help this? or peels? thanks again! oh what is this "retina" that you speak of? can i buy in stores?
  2. omg pls help me too. i think i have similiar condition on my back. but it is so visible. " clear white bumps" pls help i am very sad http://i14.tinypic.com/66exxz4.jpg
  3. What do i do about this!?!? I no longer have active acne. i have a lot of these "clear white bumps" all over my back and they seemed raised. When i feel my back.. it feels bumpy. WHAT DO I DO PLS? pls help me.. My Back in the Dark With Flash Camera http://i2.tinypic.com/4y0pyx3.jpg My Back under "WHITE LIGHT" YIKES http://i18.tinypic.com/5xihjx0.jpg A LOT OF WHITE CLEAR BUMPS THAT FEELS SLIGHTLY RAISED http://i6.tinypic.com/6647ig5.jpg THANK YOU ANY ADVICE WOULD BE HELPFUL PLS!
  4. washing with head and shoulder and applying exessive bp ( i use dan's bp gel) worked for me i don't leave the h&2 on though like some of the people on this forum. your lucky. i get keloids
  5. okayy thanks for the info! ill be sure to try this product after i go through all my tubes of contractubex. don't want them to go to waste
  6. is this effective for keloid (raised) scarring? or am i better off using contractubex/mederma?
  7. sandywo


    i tried it. The zeno only works for pimples that are developing into whiteheads, cyst, etc. so if you can spot it early..zap --> redness --> gone! does not work for blemishes and blackheads hope this helped.
  8. where can i buy this product? i can't find it anywhere. I went to riteaid and they don't have it. They only have the Soufleeeee.
  9. hahaha i feel the same way!! haha iits realli awkward for me to purchase acne products becuz im a guy. lol 2 days ago i bought the st. ives apricot acne scrub and the queen helene mask thingy becuz many people recomeended on this website. the cashier lady was like .. i felt embarrassed hahahaha
  10. so i don't need any lasers or any other procedures such as peels, etc ?
  11. okaaaayy i fixed my pictures! please give me some advice!! thanks!
  12. i started out like this: 11 months ago and now today im like this what can i do to become scar free thanks!
  13. is it possible for my roomates to never see my chest and back? or is that like mission impossible in college? or should i just straight out tell my roomate(s) that i have a skin problem on my back and chest that i am embarrassed about and hope that people will respect my privacy.