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  1. i have combination skin--fairly oily t-zone, extremely dry/flaky from my jawline and down the sides of my neck, which is where i have the most acne. i've started and stopped the regimen twice over the last three months (i kept trying to get away with 10% bp... not recommended. it was worse than any sunburn i've ever had, without going into the sun) but i finally found 2.5% bp at CVS, so i started again. i started on monday, and i've been applying a glob of bp (about the size shown in the reg
  2. the neutrogena "one step gentle cleanser" is supposed to be both a makeup remover and a gentle facial cleanser, and i absolutely recommend it. you can use it over the sink, but i like to use it in the shower, just because i splash a lot haha, and basically you just get your face wet, pump the cleanser into your hands and lather it up, and then gently rub it all over your face, then rinse off as usual! i rub it over my eyes very gently if i'm wearing eye makeup, and although it doesn't usuall