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  1. CAN SOMEONE PLZ HELP IVE HAD THIS CYST ON MY NOSE FOR A MONTH AND HALF NOW A WEEK AGO I WENT TO GET A STEROID SHOT. It only shrunk in size but didn't flatten now it goes up and down in the size daily but regardless it's still noticeable. What can I do what should I be doing please help!
  2. How did the cyst end up going away. What did u do. And how long. I'm in that situation right now
  3. Hey what ended happening to ur cyst did the shot work. I'm in the same cyst situation. I need help
  4. How did it end up going away and how long till it went away
  5. Hey could I ask how u got rid of it. I'm desperate and my cyst is no where to being gone. It's been 3 weeks now