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  1. been on accutane 80mg, 80kg. Sides are just clearing, but my forehead is still breaking out. I work in a indoor pool and sweat a lot and have long hair over my head. Any advice wud be appreciated?? tanks
  2. yep, mines the same. Does that mean accutane hasent worked?? By the way my dose is the same as urs. How much do weigh??
  3. one week im clearing up, the next week im covered.. wats going on???
  4. mate, im 3 months in and ive got zits all over my head and sum on my sides, sum big 1's 2. Dont give in, or else the months you've been on it will just be a waste!!
  5. Ive been on the tane for 3 months now and still produce oil, not as much but still enough 2 notice it. Does this mean my dose is 2 low (80 mg 76kg)??? Please help guys....
  6. Should that clear a person up for moderate acne??
  7. Is 80mg for 5 months ok if i weigh 78kg??
  8. been on accutane 4 3months, my sides are clearing yet my head still has loads of spots??? help me...... (wud covering them with hair cause them to worsen)
  9. been on accutane for 12 weeks, my sides are clearing up and smoothing out, yet my forehead is covered in big red spots!!! any1 got any suggestions to why this may be happening??? thanks
  10. Are u breaking out becaus eof the constant sweat? Im the same, im pissing with sweat all day long!!! Does sweat cause breakouts?????
  11. Get a haircut man, the long hair is out for guys now. I use to have a shag and the chicks liked it, now I got a a Fohawk and the girls LOVE it. Get a hair cut and show the acne.. Dunno! the girls love me anywayz. yeah yeah
  12. Not literally dripping, but enough to feel it. Could me covering my head with hair cause an effect?
  13. I work in an indoor pool and sweat all the time, may this be causing forehead acne?? Also having hair covering my head, is this a problem??
  14. Its pissing me off 2. Ive got mild acne on my checks etc. And my head is covered in spots.