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  1. Nope just letting my hair go i don't have longish hair and my hair does the same thing as my skin, gets greasy throughout the day i wake up it's normal again.
  2. I'm just trying to let you guys know what it's like and keep updating you guys
  3. So i started just completely not washing my skin and TRYING to not pick at it but i can't help it. My acne seems to be okayish, red post acne marks are for sure fading a lot faster. EDIT: Remember you need a good nights sleep for this! Only works if you're getting good sleep. Which is hard but i don't have to work during the winter so i get to sleep well. Day 1-5: Day 1 and 2 you will notice right away your pimples and acne will hurt really bad, this goes away in day 3 and you'll feel so mu
  4. Thanks for the comments I feel mines pretty bad and i have like white spots on the back of my neck too, don't know what those are. Not sure how to get ride of it and the front of my neck i just had red marks like deep red marks inside the skin and it looks rough and scaley..my diet isn't that great i just eat what i want and sometimes eat a few bananas a day maybe an apple every few days usually eat crappy like microwave stuff or fast food. I don't eat a lot though, i'm skinny. yeh
  5. I have the worst scarring ever i feel like you have no damn idea how much this has effected me, i once didn't leave my house for like 2 years, i can't look at people i'm hopeless i hate working, i hate life, everything blows for me. I can't be normal at all like everyone else. Lately the past 5 months or so I've been really trying to crack down on healing myself, but it just doesn't seem possible now. It seems the same or getting worse, i've pretty much cured all of my acne, i just have scars ev
  6. I have pretty bad severe acne from my back to neck to chest to face. I feel like I eat really bad and want to change but I'm not sure what to stay away from and foods or supplements that can help cure acne. Any help?
  7. Will post some pics of my acne and scars. I used to have cystic acne I think it is the huge puss pimpes. But I got over that now I have never ending spots of acne over my face.
  8. This is my last ditch effort to find a cure before I go insane and suicidal. I've been struggling with very severe acne since 7th grade. About 13 years old, I'm 20 now. I have it so bad I dont even want to leave my room but I have to. I have had severe acne everywhere almost. I have it all over my back with severe scars on my back, mind I tell you I have been picking my acne for a long time in hopes to hide it when I go in public. But in return you probably know this creates scars. Continuing I