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  1. Spironolactone is primarily for hormonal acne. If its not working within the next few weeks then ask about getting on antibiotics or maybe even accutane depending on the severity. There is plenty of time right now for accutane to clear you up. Congratulations on your engagement!!! Another thing that may help. Judging from the picture you put on the other thread it looks like its all concentrated on your jawline. You may or may not do this but try not to rest your head by putting your hands on y
  2. There are endless things that you can try. Accutane for most is the best treatment but for some it doesn't really do much. Antibiotics, hormonal treatments, laser treatments etc.
  3. Lets see a picture before you start diagnosing yourself. I thought i had severe acne until about 8 months ago when i realized i had moderate.
  4. Your derm knows what she's talking about. The miniscule research that you have done doesn't automatically make you a certified dermatologist. I was using tretinoin cream and benzoyl peroxide for five months and it helped me fine. The fact that you stopped taking minocycline and you think your derm is a moron makes me believe that you're too stubborn to want to do anything to help your face. Of course you're breaking out. Your P. acnes are doing whatever they want now that you unintelligently dec
  5. As hard as it is to do you need to stop acting like acne is your only attribute. Is there anything else about you that people like? You come on here everyday and see people feeling the same way you do and it makes you feel better to a certain degree. But its really only a place where people accept and encourage your depression. I know things aren't good right now, trust me i know how it feels, but you can't get better unless you put yourself out there and let things get better. The first step to
  6. Not everyone experiences an initial breakout. It may get a little worse before it gets better though. As long as you're not taking a huge dose you shouldn't have any real terrible flare ups. Some break outs are likely but don't expect results right away. I think only 25% only experience real initial breakouts.
  7. You might lose some ground but nothing thats worth worrying about. You'll still get the full course and dosage necessary for it to work.
  8. Accutane eligible? Yes. But not before trying other treatments.
  9. If you haven't tried accutane then you haven't tried everything. Unfortunately it is expensive but its going to be your best bet.
  10. I think its probably a papule. How painful is it? Usually ones right around the lip hurt like a son of a bitch.
  11. Good luck! I think you'll do well on the treatment.
  12. Tazorac is the best. Being that you're so young going on accutane again in the near future probably isn't a good idea. The good news is that you're only 16 so you could be acne free within the next few years.