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  1. 6 months later: It cleared me up completely after about four months and it's been absolutely wonderful! I realized that I had to take the pill right before bed because sleeping through the nausea was what helped me most. I haven't gotten a single cyst since month three, my red marks are slowly fading now that there isn't anything new to leave a mark. I've switched to Yasmin now to try to maintain my skin (it's still high in hormones, but slightly slightly lower) and I'm really hoping t
  2. Every time my my grandmother comes to visit she says "It's so strange that you still have so many zits!" even though I obviously know what's going on in my own face. She's been saying it for years and every time I just smile awkwardly and nod and wish that she would take the hint from how uncomfortable and exasperated I sound to just stop commenting on it. She still does, though, without fail, even though I've tried making it clearer and clearer that I don't want to talk about it. My little
  3. This. That's exactly the way I feel, like I'm stuck behind something that isn't me, something that I want claw my way out from. The few times in my life that I've been almost clear have been wonderful because when I've looked in the mirror I've seen me, not some masked not-me.
  4. The biggest thing I've let it take from me is my love life. Dating with acne just scares me way too much.
  5. Pack 1, Day 14 Glad to hear that it works after a while! I'm going to keep going and just push through the nausea until it passes. I've tried experimenting with when to take the pill in order to decrease it but I haven't been able to figure something great out yet. If I take it after dinner I feel nauseous before falling asleep, if I take it right before bed I wake up dizzy in the middle of the night (sometimes, not every night), if I take it in the morning I'm nauseous after a couple of hou
  6. Didn't really do anything

    My acne kept on slowly getting worse, which made me hopeful that this was helping in some way, but I think it was just my skin itself that got worse regardless of what was on it. Skinoren didn't really do anything for me at all. Maybe it helped diminish the pimples a little bit after about a month or so, but it worked very very slowly. I used it for two and a half months, didn't renew my prescription. maybe it works if you use it longer, but I feel like a topical treatment should give quicker re
  7. Lifesaver

    This is a lifesaver for zits that come to a head. If I have a breakout I can count on Duac to shrink the pimples about 50% overnight. The next night takes care of the rest. It doesn't work for more deep-seated pimples or cysts, but amazingly for the rest. If I remember correctly it took me a little while to see results at first (started using about a year ago) but now it helps really fast. It doesn't stop new pimples from appearing, but it takes care of the ones that show up. I stopped using i
  8. Pack 1, day 2 So I started taking Diane yesterday and woke up in the middle of the night to throw up three times. Yay. Not sure if this is going to continue for months and months or not, but I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed for "not". When I was at the gynecologist I asked her what she thought about prescribing birth control for my acne as it seems to be hormonal. I break out all month long, but I always break out a whole lot more during both ovulation and PMS. She agreed and r