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  1. As far as I know, yes the tests were just immediate response. I'll ask my friend who is a doctor if she can get the other ones fairly soon. I take vitamin D but she doesn't. She does work outside all day but uses natural sunblock like crazy. We have soothing tea with mint in it, but not mint tea. We like Chinese tea like tai guan yin or cliff tea. I'll try the peanut butter thing. She'll be hesitant as other butters are very expensive in Canada. May have to wait until out next trip to Whitef
  2. Hello, I haven't been around here for a while after being one of the original members and I'm now coming to you for advice about my girlfriend. She has constant acne on her cheeks and neck and chin. None on her forehead. She is 23 and has PCOS but can't take birth control (Side effects from several kinds). Here is where we're at: PCOs Intolerant as shown by bloodwork and free of the following for a several years: Gluten Dairy Eggs Pineapple Cranberries Corn Strawberries Lemon
  3. I don't take this but vitacost is by far the cheapest. I live in Canada and shipping is usually only around $4. It's routinely 50-80% cheaper than anywhere else for almost anything you can think of.
  4. I was the same way (I grew out of my acne but the irritation was very bad). I don't have a lot of body hair but my facial hair is pretty thick, as well as my neck hair. shaving around my mouth as well as my entire neck was a disaster. Didn't matter if I used oil, foam, gel, after a shower, after a hot soak, with a 5 blade, 2 blade, etc... The only thing that came close for me was the old fashioned way. Either a straight razor or a safety razor and a badger brush with the solid soap. Cost about
  5. There is no design or plan. Things simply are what they are and we as humans have to find out what that is. We drink milk so much and cows milk not because it's super healthy (In it's most consumed form) or natures design but because of certain steps our society, lobbyists and gov'ts have taken. There is nothing unnatural about drinking milk from any source really. What's crappy is that so much of the healthy components of milk get removed because we have centralized milk production and raw
  6. Here is the entire topic summed up: Unpasteurized, non-homogenized milk from mainly grass fed cows is a health food. Anything else, ANYTHING else is not. It may not kill you or anything but don't start drinking gallons thinking that you are so healthy. Problem is that it's too dangerous to ship fresh milk all over the country because it doesn't store or travel well. And there's the problem of people not having access to local farmers willing to give fresh milk or fresh milk being illegal to
  7. Well it's nothing more than Atkins taken to the extreme with more food involved. Nothing revolutionary. I'm impressed with your results though, how tall are you? I'm about 10lbs lighter at 6"1' but this is my limit unless I want to gorge myself because I do far too much cardio and I love it too much to quit (Long hiking trips, swimming (Butterfly really burns calories), kayaking, snowboarding/cross country, etc...).
  8. Some people can't handle DMPS, it's a pretty strong thing. I'll look into DMSA and depending on the price, I may switch. My plan all along was to take ALA with the Chlorella. The cilantro has been proven to work on it's own so maybe I'll look into a cilantro/ALA mix or a Cilantro/DMSA and then ALA to remove from body mix. I do know that cilantro is central to much of my cooking and it would be a real shame if I had to cut it out. I know for a fact that I have too much heavy metals in general
  9. Okay so I am going on a low-mid level chelation dose and I'm looking for specific doses that I need to take. I'm looking at a minimum of 6 months but I could take it for years if I choose. I plan on using Chlorella, cilantro and ALA. Let's assume that I have plenty of all the other nutrients in my diet becuase I do. Ones I've read that are related to chelation are calcium, zinc, vitamin C, melatonin, various fats, etc.... I have plenty of these. My fish sources are as low as you can get in t
  10. The white stain is because you had too much flouride at one time. This may not be the case now so don't freak out and avoid all tap water, toothpase with flouride, and the dentist's flouride. Leave at least one of these in. As for whitening, try either laser or an online gel with 35% carmbamide peroxide9Not in whitestrips or whatever other crap they have). That smokers toothpaste is good as well for upkeep. If you want to live a sheltered life you can avoid all the fun stuff that stains teet
  11. Well if it's insulin you are worried about then I hate to tell you that fats mixed with simple sugars (Juiced carrots and fruits) raise insulin more than if you just ate the juice alone. You'd be better off taking fiber or protein with it or eating the juice with a balanced meal. As far as juicer or a blender, it's hard to say. Some people say that the high speeds of many juicers wreck the nutrients but this is only a little and they are mostly trying to scare you. If you get a lot of fiber i
  12. How haven't you thought of buying direct from the rancher? My aunt is one of those free range ranchers and she gets people buying from her all the time. She gives them around the same price as she would a larger buyer, which doesn't include the about 200% markup by the time it gets to the store shelves. You can buy an entire free range cow for $1500-$1800 from the rancher. That's more than a years worth of heavy meat eating for 6 or more people. Tell me that isn't cheap. I'm from Alberta so we
  13. The vast majority of cases have nothing to do with the liver or acne. I don't actually know if there has been any link whatsoever between acne and dark circles. It's mostly hereditary or pigmentation. It's either pooled blood from capillaries or actual veins that show through. It's also caused by lack of sleep and allergies but if you've had them forever it's not the former.
  14. This hasn't been established anywhere. What has been established is that males can't usually process it. She should be fine with most plant sources of omega 3.
  15. It was ALA and the studies were questionable. Doesn't matter anyway as I assume you are taking it for the omega 3 benefits right? Well, most males can process it into DHA, along with any other plant source, so stick with fish or krill or some other type of oil.