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  1. moisturizer would probely help block any pollution.
  2. look into liver tablets. Bodybuilders use them to protect their livers while using steroids. That is made for steriods. I doubt very much it will protect from alcohol.
  3. Ye acne always gets better when the suns out. all that ultraviolet crap is good for a while untill it hits winter and u get pwnd with acne.
  4. I gte it free off the nhs like all drugs
  5. i got pwnd by acne when i started a weight gaining diet.
  6. I dont think there is a cure but there are oils u can use daily to strengthen up your skin, because some people use oils after accutane to strengthen there skin.
  7. Dont think about doing it do it, This stuff is great been on it 2 months and seen like a 70% improvement its great.
  8. yes i still sleep on my belly on the right side of my face and that is my good side.
  9. Dude ur earing aint gonna affect how your body heals. Mabye if it got infected.
  10. None of my family have acne apart fro me and it always puzzled my why that was. Last night when i was just chilling i remebered my dad saying he always had dried skin and if i look at his face there is no pore in sight. And on the other hand my mum had very oily skin but big pores. overall - I have genetically got my dads small pores and my mums really oily skin making my pores get clogged giving me acne. so there was like a 25% chance of me getting acne and i did.
  11. 1 year is the adverage time this treatment will last but in some cases it never returns.