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  1. 1 month post accutane. a couple of actives, no cysts. skin around right eyebrow flaky. pain in hands/feet still improving. skin on hands almost back to 'normal'. bletharitis flare up last couple of days.
  2. 2 weeks post accutane. A few actives, no cysts. Skin around eyebrows flaky. Pain in hands and feet improving. Skin on hands a little bit dry.
  3. Sounds like you're doing pretty good. I hope the spots have gotten better for you!
  4. I think it's good that your course was extended. I wish you the best Ang!
  5. Thanks so much! 1 week post Accutane Still a few actives but no cysts Skin still dry around mouth & eyes Pain in hands and feet is getting a bit better Hands still dry but not red/inflamed.
  6. Hi Mimmy, Here are my tips: Shampoo your hair less frequently Use a humidifier Start applying chapstick ASAP Cleanse with a gentle cleanser Use moisturizer a few times per day Use a body wash instead of soap Take your pill with something that has fat (for better absorption) Hope that helps!
  7. So glad you're skin is clearing up and that you're enjoying life. Cheers!
  8. Glad things are better for you. I wish you continued clearing!
  9. Dose: Month 1: 80 mg Month 2: 80 mg Month 3: 80 day, 80 day, 40 day Month 4: 80 day, 40 day Month 5: 80 day, 40 day 157 days Total
  10. Day 1 Post Accutane I took my last pill yesterday. I was on it a total of 157 days. I have a few small actives, no cysts. Posting before/after. Thanks for reading and for the support!
  11. I have 5 days worth of pills left. I have a few actives but nothing major. I am really looking forward to being off the medicine so that my body can recover from the side effects that I've been experiencing. Really hoping I won't be in as much pain. Thanks for reading & good luck to all!
  12. Hi Del! Just checking in to see if things have gotten better for you. Hope to hear from you soon.
  13. Hi Ang! Congrats on starting your 5th month! That is so weird that the rash comes and goes in waves for us. At least we're not alone I guess! Good luck on the bloodwork!
  14. I use a humidifier at night and it's really helped my dry sinuses. I have that same hand rash. It comes in waves. One day it will be so red and irritated that it hurts to wash my hands. The next day it could be almost normal looking! Frustrating! I use Cetaphil and it helps. Really hope things are going well for you, Ang!
  15. Thanks for the support! Day 148 A couple of actives. Redness fading, texture improving, lips less chapped. Less than two weeks left! Current side effects: minor hair loss dry, flaky skin chapped lips pain in fingers (primarily at night) occassional heel pain blepharitis (swollen eyelid) is back
  16. Glad to hear that your bloodwork was good. That's always a relief... I haven't heard much about people being put on topicals while on Accutane. Definitely follow your Derm's instructions to a T to be sure you don't get too dry. Please keep us posted!
  17. Hi! Glad things are looking better for you. Hope it continues!
  18. Sorry to hear that your course will be extended but maybe it will prevent you from having to do a second course. BTW, your skin looks AMAZING! Congratulations to you.
  19. Glad things are getting better for you! Congrats on being half way!
  20. Day 133 1 active spot. Still some post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, but skin tone is starting to even out a bit. Lips are less chapped (but it varies depending on how consistently I exfoliate). My eyes are doing a lot better (due to warm washcloths and eyelid scrubs, daily). Joint pain is tolerable. The more I wear supportive shoes, the better. I have about a month left! Thanks for reading.
  21. Hi ylem, I think it's too early to tell if I have more pitted scarring. I still have a month left on Accutane and my skin is still recovering from the breakouts. When I saw Dr. Turner he said that what he sees is primarily redness (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) which was encouraging. I talked to him a little about scar treatments... Have to wait at least 6 months after my Accutane course. He said that CO2 laser is still the gold standard of scar treatment. Said we could do some more subc
  22. Looks like your skin is coming along nicely! You have amazing eyes, by the way. I hope that you'll get clear and stay clear!
  23. Thanks for stopping by my log, I just read your whole log! You've been through a lot. I wonder if the recent breakout is due to the increase in dose? I think it's normal for people who are having a breakout to be put on steroids or antibiotics so wouldn't worry too much. I hope things get better and better for you!
  24. Thanks Ang & onelittleone for the support! Hi Martini - I hope your heel pain is bearable. Thanks for letting me know what you think.