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  1. Hi there,thanks for sharing this info. I had very mild acne few years ago and it all went off after i scrub my back daily.However there are still red marks left,not extremely visible but just doesn't look good when i wear anything showing my back. I have one question on getting glycolic acid as well.I'm from Asia and i don't order online,may i know how i should get glycolic acid from the local pharmacy? Do i just ask the pharmacist straight away? I hope to get an over-the counter one. Thanks
  2. So what's the first-step of make-up? Can tell me step-by-step first.And i'll try to do some research on which brand is good,which suits my skin.Thanks. For me,I will go blindly like: 1 : Foundation 2 : Powder 3 : Concealer Seems a bit too thick for me but i really have no idea what to do.I just always heard these 3 main things0. thanks in advance.
  3. I got those white bumps on upper lip very often,espeically when i'm constipated for a day or two or sleep very late.Sometimes,they just pop up for no apparent reason.But how do i really prevent this from happening?'Cause people will notice straight away when you have pimples on your upper lip,it really sucks
  4. Basically it depends on what you eat inside or outside. Try to eat something light for a week and see if this helps.Cut down eat and don't take dairy products and eat only fruits and lots of vegetables.If this helps,work a bit more on your food intake.And don't forget to take supplement,Vitamin C and vitamin E are both a must to shorten the time takes to heal.Zinc is also useful for scar healing.Get some fresh lemon,squeeze some into your water and drink it,it cleans your body. I had moderate
  5. The instruction said,in briefly- Daily use. Apply on wet face,gently massage into it.Rinse with water Is this true ? should i just leave it? Thanks.
  6. Hi there,i'll just start off something off-topic.I had moderate acne during early of April.Gawd,it's been hell for me although it's not to say very serious.I searched for this site,first i threw all my current facial product,started to consume apple cider vinegar,tried the egg white+lemon mask,consume water with lemon juices,used baking soda to exfoliate.I really don't know which one works,cause it heals my problem 30% . However,i found tea tree oil works the best for active acne,it actually ma
  7. someone mentioned mostuirizing,i wonder if i don't mosturize my pores will get bigger? i don't mostuirize that often cause i'm scared that it'll clog my pores eventhough i'm using the neutrogena's oil free mostuirizer.Hmm...and i have some open big pores T_T anyone can answer this?
  8. i tried all those...it doesn't help cause my mind is bothering me. i think i need someone to hyptonize me for me to get to sleep
  9. Hi,i'm a 18 year old chinese girl from Asia. I started to get acne by the end of March 2006.Bout 2 to 3 years ago i have good skin,not to say good,well,at least,clear skin.Later on,i'll get breakouts ocasionally but that doesn't really bothers me.Case worsen until end of last year,i have lots of pimples.Right now i clearly know why i had lots of pimples last year,mostly because i don't eat proper meal and i don't use cleanser,unaware of personal hygiene and insomnia(but i've not been having goo
  10. Do we actually need a toner if we have active acne?
  11. Hi,i have a sensitive skin an am currently using Palmer's eventone toner.I don't know if it's good or not,but the fancy terms like "added with beta hydroxy,tea tree oil and vitamin E" for commercial purpose really attracts me a lot.So far,i don't know if it's good or not cause i used it before i had acne and after that i'm still using it during my healing process.The smell is very strong. So my toner : Palmer's eventone toner! what's yours? any recommendation for sensitive skin?
  12. thanks fierylove,for your time!! I'll ask you again next time i have questions. Once again,you have my utmost appreciation
  13. I live in Malaysia"(south east asia) ,and i could find the astrigent in every pharmacy stores. Although astrigent fuctions almost the same as the Palmer's toner,they are not exactly the same.The toner has sallisylic acid,but for astrigent there's none.One prominent difference is that astrigent has some zinc element. Bought it.Palmer's product always has very strong smell.The toner is very strong as well,but good that both of them has vitamin E content
  14. generally,yes,it's for scars and redmarks i'm currently taking Vitamin C 1000mg,Vitamin E 200i.u. twice a day,spirulina and sometimes b-complex. I'm unsure of the order of taking it. Can i just swallow vit C and E both at the same time? If possible someone please enlighthen me on this. thanks