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  1. i know many of you take b5 so how about giving me some advice?
  2. This only applies to people who have had success with b5: what brand are you taking? how much and how do you distribute the doses? are you taking b-complex and biotin? again what brand of those and what dosage? how was your skin before? how is it now? how long have you been taking it? I know that's a lot of questions but really I'm justy trying to decide what brand of b5 to go with. I don't have any real problems with pimples but I have extremely, EXTREMELY oily skin.
  3. To the all people in this thread that said you were/are losing hair: Were/are you taking the b-complex and biotin and if you so how much are you taking?
  4. Is b5 something that you can take for like a year or two and then it stays away even after you stop taking it? Or is it something like, as soon as you stop taking it or shortly after everything will come back? I don't want to be megadosing on a vitamin for the rest of my life; even just a few years scares me.
  5. that's like saying all moistureizers are comedogenic. it's not true. cetaphil is a creambased facewash and you'd be a fool to think that causes breakouts.