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  1. anyone know if there are acne fighting cleaners that don't have bp so that it won't make my face more red and still prevent breakouts?
  2. its weird because when i wake up in the morning/ afternoon, my face looks really really good. i don't get it, i want it to look like that all the time
  3. i just got the cleanser only and it hasn't really made much of a difference. did the creme cause any breakouts?
  4. bump... any advice on moisturizers? i have never used one before my skin is kind of oily... would it make it even MORE oily?????
  5. hmm i don't even use moisturizer.... what kind would you reccommend that i can buy at the store?
  6. does anyone have a general redness around their cheeks? I don't think its rosacea.... but some sort of overall redness. Has anyone ever tried Eucerin Redness Relief??? I looked at the reviews online and it got a lot of positive results... i think I might try it.
  7. hahaha yeah I used to do that. It works for a few hours
  8. well acv is definitely evening out my skin tone, this is like week two. huge improvement. better than any product I've ever tried. *shrug* Thanks Smashing Pumpkins. GREAT BAND BY THE WAY! MAYONAISE IS MY FAVORITE SONG
  9. yup I got whiteheads too, on my forehead a few days after doing it but my skin is WAYYYY better than it used to be.. it looks a lot more even and toned out. the whiteheads went away and now I have some red marks but i'm sure they will fade along with everything else
  10. it has been really good for mine, i've been doing this for a few days now and I normally would have had a zit by now but I haven't gotten one. I had some whiteheads when I first started out but they went away after a few days