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  1. So it's been forever since I last updated, but I figure that I should. I've kept up with the Regimen since September, and my skin has been alright. It's definitely not clear- probably pretty similar to when I started off with the Regimen. I've kept up with the same routine but for some reason my sits just started appearing more and more frequently. I'm pretty sure it's just hormonal, but it's definitely not fun. My skin is still very dry and peels up frequently. While I did enjoy the Regimen
  2. I experienced purging in the beginning of my start on the regimen. After about 4 weeks my acne faded and started to get progressively better. I'd say you were experiencing some purging or even something stressful that could be causing more breakouts on your skin.
  3. Thank you for reading! Being clear has made such a difference in the way I live my life... I can't thank Dan enough. Hopefully you are seeing really good results as well!
  4. Day 43 Update Wow, I can't believe my skin and I have come this far. I'm not swiftly approaching the 2 month mark on the Regimen and I couldn't be happier. Sure, I get the occasional break out now and then, but that's ONE on an otherwise CLEAR face. I am so happy with the results I received. I will probably post one or two more times, but then this thread will be complete! I'm thrilled to say that I posted my success story onto acne.org, so feel free to check it out. Have a great night/day,
  5. When I first used BP, I had the same reaction to it- insane burning, redness like a horrible sunburn from the bridge of my nose down the rest of my face. I just thought it was normal and kept using it and now I'm at 5 weeks of being on the Regimen and it only tingles on my skin now. People thought I was allergic too, but it turned out my skin needed time to get used to it. I would patch test yourself with the BP on your arm and see the reaction you get from it- the skin on your face is gentle an
  6. Day 38 Update So my skin is back to clear again, guess I just went through an odd stage. I can now put on the full dosage of BP and only experience a light tingle! It's a great thing to see my skin so clear and happy. The dryness is almost gone actually. I rarely get dry patches anymore and can put on makeup with no problem, although I am somewhat used to applying moisturizing products now. I found that the BP also knocked out the oilyness of my skin a lot, so I don't have to worry about getti
  7. Day 32 Update Hi! So things have not been going as well on my skin. I now have 3 visible whiteheads on my forehead, and above my lip. But other than that my skin is clear, yay! Continuing the same routine and hoping these leave the face fast! -Jen
  8. Okay, wow, I'm so relieved. I'm on the Regimen and I put the normal BP all over my face last night, including over the pore so it definitely got in there. When I checked this morning I couldn't even see the hole anymore. Thanks so much!
  9. I was cleaning my face tonight when this one large blackhead that I've had in the center of my nose just popped off, plug and all. I was happy until I looked in the mirror and saw the huge gaping hole where the blackhead used to be. I thought, well it's just a temporary scar, but just to be safe, I googled it. From what I read, they are permanent, and I'm freaking out because this whole is obvious and huge! I tried covering it with makeup and my sister came up and said, "woah, why is there a hol
  10. Did you use the regimen twice a day ? I dont if i shuld use the BP only at night and in the morning only use the clenser and the moistezer or use all the regimen kit twice a day Have you started the Regimen? Basically, you should know whether or not your skin can handle benzoyl peroxide twice a day about about the 2-3rd week mark. I only use BP once a day because it is quite harsh on my skin, but I know the majority of people on here use BP twice a day because if they use it only once, they br
  11. YES, the Regimen really works. Honestly, I was like you. I have minor acne, but I'm self-conscious, and it made me very uncomfortable with myself. I stumbled on the acne.org website after reading up on home remedies (we've all been there) and I decided to try it. It's been 4 weeks and my skin is clear and I can't thank this website enough. I honestly thought this whole method was a scam to get money then I saw Dan (the creator) saying that you could substitute the Regimen with drugstore
  12. I had minor acne, just scattered white heads and the Regimen worked successfully for me. I've been on it for 4 weeks and my skin is clear. The good thing is if you have less acne you are more likely to have clear skin much faster than people with severe acne.
  13. Lessen the amount of BP. I made the same mistake and it burned me and felt like my face was on fire every time I put it on. Now I'm on 4 weeks and use a whole finger of BP and only feel a tingling sensation. DO NOT USE THE AHA! You are supposed to wait a month or so of being on the Regimen before using that. I haven't even looked in to ordering it and I'm weeks ahead of you...
  14. I'd suggest looking for something oil-free, non-comedogenic, and non-acnegenic. Then there is like a 95% chance you won't break out from it versus going out on a limb. I'm lucky to have skin that isn't very sensitive. I've tried dozens of foundations, and only one has broken me out.