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  1. So with the -22F degree weather here when I got home from work my shipment of 2, 16 oz. Treatment (Benzoyl Peroxide – 2.5% were completely frozen solid. Since this cost around 80USD I want to make sure it is still fine (it says to store in no lower than 40F temperature). Should it still be fine?
  2. I am 26 and have suffering with acne since I was about 12. I have taken many vitamins a day between the ages of 15 and 25. Multivitamins chromium cinnamon apple cider tablets omega oil pills. Around September of last year I got really busy bought a house had to get tenants and I got so busy I forgot about vitamins. My face had cleared up immensely I had nearly perfect skin and didn't put two and two together. I didn't take any until about February 15th and litterally the next morning after one
  3. Hi guys. I've been following the same regimen of cleaning and BP since I joined here back in 06, I can't believe I've been doing the same ol' song and dance since then. Anyway my acne never really stopped despite me being 24, but its ok the treatments keep everything from flaming up. However this past week I started getting acne where I've never gotten it, my lip line. And its not just like one pimple, it started out as one and now its 6. Its more sensitive than any acne I've ever had, in fact i
  4. Hey everyone. Haven't been on these forums since 2006, back when I was young immature and not very bright. Anyway I have been following the regime to the T ever since and it helps keep my acne under control, however it never has went away, I've honestly never had a single day without a single blemish and I learned to live with it. It doesn't bother me like it did back then. I always wanted to go to a dermatologist, but ya know that costs money for something that is honestly "silly". At 22 and af
  5. Well, I don't know if mine is acne or not. I have something of the same thing. But there are only about ten little bumps, and they are uncolored. And some have white heads, which is why I think they are acne.
  6. Oh no, thats not it. Thats much much worse. Its just few ten or so little bumps on the back of each arm, that are uncolored and you can only feel them and not see them. Unless its a very very VERY mild case. Either way, I'm going to Body Acne too see if its a mild case. Thanks for the tip!
  7. I've seen that on a lot of people, and always just assumed it was dry skin... have you tried moisturizing it? Yes, and I just tried risking it and put on a decent amout of BP. And it actually looks better already . I'm very suprised myself, there is still a lot there, but they have greatly reduced in size, in just a matter of an hour or so. I'm gunna see if this works. I hope so, it has always bothered me .
  8. bad photoshop.. read some tutorials. other than that, congrats on success Its not photoshop .... Not only that but I wouldn't spend 700 dollars on a program to doctor my face ... >.>
  9. I have heard this a lot, and I don't mean it in the fashion of small arms. I don't know how to describe it, but a lot of people have it, its like acne undernearth your arm. On your tricep area. I am not sure if it is acne, is just like many many bumps. I know a lot of my friends have them, and I have them too. I am not sure if they are acne, but I seem to have develope one with a whitehead this morning. I was wondering if I should Regimen that area . But I'm not quite sure its acne...
  10. Thats exactly what I thought....it either looks doctored, or like he is wearing makeup, and a fairly good amount of it. BUT- Since you are clear, and assuming that you didn't doctor the pic or wear makeup, than CONGRATS, your skin is AMAZING. Yea, I don't wear makeup, but the flash is kinda of glaring of my skin ....
  11. Yes, make sure you do it PERFECTLY though. Good LUCK!
  12. Try Flax Seed Oil, I've been usining it for a while, and it seems to "regulate" my oil production on my face much better. Also - Fuzzy's idea is good.
  13. You could have just linked us... http://cgi.ebay.com/Instant-3-day-skin-whi...1QQcmdZViewItem Either way, its doesn't look too fantastic to me...
  14. If you like what your using ... then don't switch. Switching usually leads to irritation, and takes about a week for your skin to get used to the "new" stuff.
  15. I agree Proactive is nice .. especially since it uses 2.5 percent BP, but its really a waste of money, and there cleanser is really irritating to skin like mine. Just go with Dan's Regimen and you will be fine!