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  1. - I'd be MUCH MUCH more confident!

    - I would stop thinking of myself unworthy of love (and stop selling myself short when people are treating me badly)

    - I would NEVER wear make-up on my skin. The thought of waking up and not having to carefully apply a full mask of make-up... wow.

    - Letting a friend/housemate/boyfriend see me without make-up

    - Be less anxious in social situations and when meeting new people

  2. Estee Lauder Double Wear is a life-saver!

    I rely on this product WAY too much. Leaving the house without it is not an option! Although it is very heavy, and can sometimes cake, it covers 99.9% of my redness. Sadly, you can still see the bumpy texture of any active acne, but getting rid of the redness makes me feel so much better. Plus, it does last a very long time and I usually only have to reapply during the day on my nose where the skin is VERY oily.

  3. 'Why do you have to wear so much make-up? It'll only make it worse.'

    'Why don't you go to the doctors?'

    'OH MY GOD I'VE GOT A SPOT! I look so disgusting! ' (when they have one spot on their otherwise perfectly clear face)

    'Do you wash your face everyday?'

    'I bet you pick at your face'

    'Why are you wearing make-up to the beach/gym?'

    'Why aren't you taking your make-up off?' (when staying over at a friend's and I'm WAY too embarrassed to let them see my bare face)

    'Why does it take you so long to get ready?'

  4. How often/how much do you stress and worry about your acne?

    90 - it's pretty much a constant concern

    How much anxiety does it give you, and how much depression?

    90- I wouldn't say that I suffer from depression, but acne ABSOLUTELY makes me very upset. I feel constantly down and antisocial. It also makes me very anxious in social situations, which is horrible now that I'm trying to find a job and have to deal with face-to-face interviews.

    How often do you think about your acne?

    100 - ALL THE TIME

    How often do you scrutinize your skin in the mirror?

    100 - Constantly!! To check how much worse my spots are. Plus, as a female I HEAVILY rely on thick, heavy make-up so I'm constantly checking in the mirror to see if I need to re-apply.

    How much does acne control your life, psychologically?

    100 - it basically affects every aspects of my life. It often stops me going out with friends and meeting new people. I dread to think of all the opportunities for new things/experiences/people that I've missed due to acne.