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  1. becky3991

    Week 4

    This week I had a moderate breakout on the right side of my face. Nothing worse than I normally have, but still upsetting. I haven't really had any active acne on the left side of my face all week, just lots of red hyperpigmentation. I took pictures this morning and I think my skin looks slightly better in real life. Although my skin is still very red, my make-up goes over a lot smoother. The skin on the left side of my face looks almost completely smooth with foundation, and the only problem wi
  2. becky3991

    Week 4

  3. - I'd be MUCH MUCH more confident! - I would stop thinking of myself unworthy of love (and stop selling myself short when people are treating me badly) - I would NEVER wear make-up on my skin. The thought of waking up and not having to carefully apply a full mask of make-up... wow. - Letting a friend/housemate/boyfriend see me without make-up - Be less anxious in social situations and when meeting new people
  4. Estee Lauder Double Wear is a life-saver! I rely on this product WAY too much. Leaving the house without it is not an option! Although it is very heavy, and can sometimes cake, it covers 99.9% of my redness. Sadly, you can still see the bumpy texture of any active acne, but getting rid of the redness makes me feel so much better. Plus, it does last a very long time and I usually only have to reapply during the day on my nose where the skin is VERY oily.
  5. 'Why do you have to wear so much make-up? It'll only make it worse.' 'Why don't you go to the doctors?' 'OH MY GOD I'VE GOT A SPOT! I look so disgusting! ' (when they have one spot on their otherwise perfectly clear face) 'Do you wash your face everyday?' 'I bet you pick at your face' 'Why are you wearing make-up to the beach/gym?' 'Why aren't you taking your make-up off?' (when staying over at a friend's and I'm WAY too embarrassed to let them see my bare face) 'Why
  6. How often/how much do you stress and worry about your acne? 90 - it's pretty much a constant concern How much anxiety does it give you, and how much depression? 90- I wouldn't say that I suffer from depression, but acne ABSOLUTELY makes me very upset. I feel constantly down and antisocial. It also makes me very anxious in social situations, which is horrible now that I'm trying to find a job and have to deal with face-to-face interviews. How often do you think about your acne? 1
  7. becky3991

    Week 3

    I think my skin has become accustomed to the Epiduo as it doesn't sting when I apply it any more and my overall skin tone is less red. I've had no side-effects from the Lymecycline thus far. I'm still getting new spots, but less than I normally do.
  8. becky3991

    Week 2

    This week my skin continued to be irritated by the Epiduo, but I started applying heaps more moisturiser (simple, rich) which seems to help. I had a few whiteheads during the course of the week, but not as many as I would normally get. My skin looks very red, but it does feel smoother.
  9. becky3991

    Week 3

  10. becky3991

    Week 2

  11. I've suffered with acne from the age of 13. Now, a few months from turning 21, I've decided to finally seek professional treatment. I have been prescribed Lymecycline (hard capsules, 408mg) and Epiduo for up to 10 months. To give some background on my acne, it began as typical teenage spots which were fairly minor. When I got to around 15/16 my acne became worse and was mainly concentrated on my forehead and chin. I went to my GP and was given some sort of topical cream (I can't remember
  12. becky3991

    Week 1

    After one week of Lymecycline and Epiduo.