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  1. whatthechelle

    michelle's album

    both acne related and not.
  2. happy birthday, i think walter will be happy you are legal now

  3. hmm, intriguing. i have heard good things about ACV in general, but unfortunately the taste truly makes me gag. there should be some way to take it where you don't have to taste it.. maybe i could just shoot it up. also though, i just bought some Paula's Choice BHA and i don't know if i should do those together anyway. but if the BHA doesn't work out for me, maybe i'll suck it up and give this a try. ugh. does it make your stomach hurt? 'cause someone told me to drink like 2 or so shots of it to

    where are you m'dear? I miss you.

  5. day 51 i missed my dose on sunday because i spent the day at my friend's.. hopefully that isn't too bad. i don't really have any active acne.. i haven't washed my hair in a while () and it's not too gross, but i did swim in the ocean and in a pool which helps. must shower today though, lol. i have a rash on my hands which was really bad the other day but it seems to be improving. lips are chapped but not really cracking.. i still haven't gotten the cracking bleeding 'tane lips yet, which i'm th
  6. day 35 most of my blackheads seem to have left and my skin feels smoother than it has in ages. there are a couple of very small hard bumps, and red marks of course, but i'm really happy with the condition of my skin right now. after putting some lotion on the rash on my arms a couple times, it's gone but i still have it on my hands below my thumbs. before they were just like little red bumps, now it looks like they're sort of scabbing over and they feel hard and dry.. my side effects have bee
  7. whoooa, i just noticed this was out! is it gentle and moisturizing enough to use while on Accutane? if so i'm definitely getting some.
  8. where have you been =[

  9. i'm nearly a month into my course of 40mg and i haven't had an initial breakout, so it doesn't happen to everyone. unless i could still have one? i think it's unlikely though because my skin is already hardly oily. i think it does happen to most, though, so.. hope for the best, but expect the worst good luck with your course!
  10. aw, good luck Mandy.. i hope you find out what it is. i'm glad things are going well besides that though.. i also see improvement, and agree that you will be even more unfairly gorgeous after this. *shakes fist*
  11. according to the pinned thread by Rossignol in the Accutane posts forum, '-Dermatologists claim that typically 90% of patient's acne is put into remission through use of the drug, and 60% is completely cured. It is possible that your acne may return after a course of the drug, but it is likely to be much less severe.' i hope your son's course continues to go well. =]
  12. day 27 wow, it's been nearly a month already. i have a rash in places on my hands and forearms.. just these little red bumps. sometimes they itch a little bit but besides that they're just there. does anyone know what i should do, if anything? besides that (assuming the rash is accutane related) my recent side effects have just been a bit dry skin, lips, eyes, and nose, although i haven't had a nosebleed in a while. my skin usually doesn't even feel that dry, except for right after i wash i