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  1. So my finasteride just arrived in the mail. Is microdosing it the theory or just a short period of taking it? It's only 1mg. Hoping it'll re-sensitize me to dht, but worse case it'll help prevent further hairloss.
  2. OK I still have some Vitamin K left over from when I bought it before. Just took my first dose.
  3. Vitamin D supplementation has eliminated my back pain. It's probably the most obvious supplement to try post-accutane, but I now realize I didn't give it a fair trial period in the past when I took it.
  4. For those of you that can't (or just haven't) gotten your hands on some low dose naltrexone, try some melatonin. It's doing amazing things for me much like the pro-ldn people reported.
  5. Hey guys, thought you'd all find this interesting. At my job I listen to podcasts to pass the time, and one of my go-to podcasts is the Joe Rogan Experience. Earlier this week, he had a doctor on that discussed the harm that anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, and anti-psychotic prescription drugs can cause. I listened to that and had this forum in mind due to the similarities. Then I listened to the next episode of the show with a comedian as a guest and my jaw nearly hit the floor when the w
  6. What benefits have you seen in regards to Beta-carotene ? Effects on the skin? skin is naturally exfoliating better, but there's also sexual benefits including the return of erections without manual stimulation.
  7. Just an update: I've stopped taking SJW because the pro-sexual effects stopped and it just made me feel uneasy. However, taking melatonin at night is still causing me to wake up with morning wood so idk. I've also added beta-carotene and seen benefits from that. It was something I've tried in the past but never stuck with
  8. What anti-depressants are you taking? Have you ever taken anti depressants before? As I stated above, SJW. And melatonin which is a product of serotonin if I'm not mistaken. And no I haven't taken anti-depressants before
  9. St John's Wort during the day and melatonin at night has dramatically improved things for me recently. I never thought serotonin would be the thing to put some life back into my penis, but it's finally starting to react to visual and audio stimuli like it should. Also woke up today with morning wood for the first time in years. I've explored so many different theories from thyroid issues, low testosterone, and vitamin deficiencies. Can't believe anti-depressant supplements could be my savior
  10. Anyone else have foamy/bubbly urine? I've read it could be the result of the body not properly absorbing protein. So I've been taking protein powder lately to sort of compensate and I definitely feel much better. It made me think of that bodybuilder youtuber Brian Turner who never had any sexual side effects despite taking accutane for over a year. Could it be because he probably daily consumes protein powder?