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  1. I just take Walmart's centrum and some NOW Super DHA. Multi-vitamins are just to prevent mineral deficiencies. Something really easy to fix that can vastly improve your life. Omega 3s are because I don't like fish, but I want the insane health benefits of DHA/EPA. Nothing can replace fruits/vegetables when it comes to anti-inflammatory effects. Take grapes for example: So many compounds found to improve heart health, with Resveratrol among them. You don't absorb this stuff well in pill fo
  2. Fish improves cardiovascular health, your immune system, reduces the chance of mental disorders later in life, and is an anti-inflammatory -- which is good for your heart and skin. One of my favorite benefits of fish oil is that it keeps you lean. Fish oil mobilizes body fat, increasing the amount energy used from body fat. Fish oil contains DHA and EPA, omega 3 fats seldom found in our diet. Without these, our body uses a sub-optimal replacements for cell membranes, nerve cells. They're n
  3. I don't know about skin, but large doses of B vitamins have been shown to help prevent hangovers.
  4. I recall reading/hearing about L-theanine being absorbed very effectively through the skin, and that it tones well (also improves mood). But rather than brewing tea and rubbing your face with tea bags, I think this would be both more effective and reasonably applicable: http://mamalotion.com/ http://www.divineskin.com/viterol/whatis.asp
  5. Yep, I did a double blind placebo study with 20 subjects. Myself and my 19 other schizophrenic friends. I was able to carefully consider the dozens of variables of life in diet, exercise, genetics, etc, and definitely without a doubt pinpoint the root cause of acne to lentils, and of course it triggered my acne within seconds. Just so you know.
  6. Overnight? I think that would be an allergic reaction and not acne. The synergistic rise of insulin from fat and carbs found in pasta is more likely to cause something, but not overnight.
  7. If you're male, pay close attention to your chest. If your nipples get puffy, or you feel any sharp tingling bursts of pain, you are fucking with your hormones too much and developing gynecomastia (man boobs). If this happens, you need to stop immediately, buy an aromatase inhibitor and obtain Nolvadex in one way or another. I don't think something like this would be strong enough for an adult male to happen. But this board has lots of young teens.
  8. Depends on what that food is, what you eat it with, your genetics, your environment, and your activity levels. There are no simple solutions.
  9. Purpose Gentle Cleansing bar Walmart (Equate) 10% BP (~ $3 for month's supply) Liberally apply the BP all over your skin and let it soak overnight.
  10. Few fat people or many fat people? Many to all. You do know that many people are fat as a result of being insulin resistant, right?