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  1. Just started this for 2weeks, stopped for a week due to the place that sells it sold out, so getting some more this week, but has anyone been using this for more then 6-12weeks? has anyone seen any big changes in there skin? I just have some minor red spots nothing major like I use to have. Whats In it:
  2. So I'm going to start Proactiv sometime this week, I've tried some things to help clear up my skin and I think that proactiv might work the best, I know people who use it and it helps there skin, but does it help everyones skin or can it make your skin worse? what are you thoughts? I've heard different stories...
  3. Ok so in the last year my acne has gone down a fair bit, but I still have some red spots on my face, there still noticeable but not as bad and I'm wondering what will help them go away? I'm just kind of off and on Perfect Skin Pills right now Perfect Skin info There’s some info on it, it has in it: Id System enteric-coated EPA-rich fish oil concentrate (from anchovy and sardines) 500 mg EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) 250 mg EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) from green tea extract 50 mg Zinc (
  4. Ive been using it for about 2months now, its making some progess..not alot..any idea how long it would take to clear up a face? i got no risen bumps or anything..my face is smoother then my moms i guess its vitium A? or something? any idea?
  5. the thing is they rnt bumps they look like it but they r smooth and arent risen
  6. i dunno ive had these since i was like 15, 2years now, panoxyl has worked a tiny bit.. and cant do ACV cause it isnt sold in canada
  7. So basicly its apple cider...and viniger? and asprin?
  8. can you buy glycolic acid right off the shelf or?
  9. Ok and its called Apple Cyider? And is it white vinigar or brown?
  10. So how do you make this ACV or were can you buy it? this threads got to much info and is a bit over crowed to read stuff..
  11. so your saying they fade without using anything on your skin but just washing it once a day and having a shower?
  12. I've had the redmarks for around almost maybe 2years i dont count the days, I havnt used much on my skin. Panoxyl umm and dove soap and proxide. Is there any product off the shelf you can buy to minimized the redmarks?. Any advice would help. thanks Also sorry for images my buddies using a camera to record a biking video, they are alot more red. EDIT Just curious would acohol have anything to do with redmarks? because I do drink a fair bit. Usally every weekend or so.
  13. I don't know if drinking a lot of water helps with redmarks, but I do know that it helps our system in general. It helps hydrate and detox our body. So there are many advantages of drinking plenty water everyday. Yeah mine are flat to, feels like other peoples skin w/o acne :confused: and they arent painfull they are just there don't pop out or anything. But im only 17 I hope they will go away I havn't tried much on my skin, just soap and 1 cream