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  1. Hello When I try to place an order I get this: Invalid input. Please press your browser's back button and re-attempt your submission. Please double-check that the characters you entered are normal A-Z or 0-9 alphanumeric letters or numbers. If you are using any special symbols in your submission, please remove them, and then re-submit your request. Example of special characters would be the following: [email protected]#$%^&*-(),+={}?:" If you continue to experience problems, please contact customer se
  2. Anonym

    None You have to use a lot which is making the new version extremely expensive. Not moisturizering at all. Strange colour that bleaches clothes. Expensive Old moisturizer balls up at the mouth of the pump The old version was nice and worked fine. This version does not work at all. Please bring back the old version or upgrade this one.
  3. One can discuss to the end of the world about the correctness of reviews but fact is that the old got better reviews and if we can't compare the reviews then why is the score there? The old moisturizer was working fine during winter. And people will most properly for years be complaining about the new moisturizer. I have found another moisturizer that is working (but not as good as the old moisturizer) but I still think it was a bad thing replacing the old moisturizer. But
  4. But more people liked the old version - look at the reviews.
  5. The old moisturizer was not good enough but the new is? The old moisturizer scored 4.0 in review and the new one scores 2.87. The moisturizer was changed so more people would like it but the opposite is happening. I just read Dans blog concerning winter and dry face - I only have one thing to say about that - the old moisturizer was working great in the winter. I just needed to say something about this, sorry to say but stupid change in the moisturizer.
  6. I agree, please bring back the old version. Dan, please give us some feedback.
  7. wow, only 3.4 / 5: http://www.acne.org/acne.org-moisturizer-d...1216/page1.html That is way more bad than the old version. The old version was 4 / 5 Dan, this must also be frustrating for you?
  8. I agree! The new moisturizer is simple not good enough! I also have flakes now. Dan, you need (please) to do something - make the new moisturizer better or go back to the old one. I have a lot of respect for your work Dan but it is very frustrating when you are removing the good products. Regards
  9. I also got the free travel size BP - Nice and thank you for that…but… I got it in March and started using it in March - and after a short while the pimples start forming - I haven’t had a pimple in more than 3 years because of the regimen. I looked at the bottle and noticed the expire-date (Expire 04/10). I started using a new bottle of bp and the pimples are gone. So thank you for the free travel size but it made my acne came back. Kind Regards
  10. I would say...from start, just stick to the regimen. If you later gets to the conclusion that the regimens wont work for you, then you can try adding stuff into the regimen. So: from start, do the safe and follow the regimen strictly.
  11. Yes, it helps very well against flakes and dry flakey skin. If the moisturizer is not good enough as it is, you can supply with a few drops of jojoba oil - thats what Dan recommends for very dry and flakey skin.