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  1. hunny bun ur better off anyway, he looked like a tool burglar anyway
  2. i love abercrombie.... thats all i really wear i dont think theres anything wrong...just stop shopping there for a while n go to wetseal or something...buy a couple of items to pair up with ur abercrombie items... clothing there(wet seal) is affordable they have great styles , very trendy ...n slowly u can start adding different styles to ur wardrobe
  3. im not into looks but id do u...as long as u have personality n make me laughn shit .... n of course u have to be a stud in bed... judging by just ur pic alone... u look like some dominant sex god...lol... then again i may be wrong
  4. no such thing.... "good cheap" eyeshadow does not exist u will find that eye shadow on on ur undereyes in half hour after application.... invest in some good quality eyeshadow good luck
  5. I'm not gay but I'll admit that guy is pretty hot :eh: .... sure ur not lol
  6. pot helps in a way that it makes the days go faster ...makes u think less n once u know it its been months since u broke up when i break up i cant be without pot... it helps me not think i think it helps.... good luck
  7. nice...i'll check em out...lord knows how many c&c oil sheets i go through does it smudge ur makeup though?....ur dude so nevermind...but any chicks out there try these lil booty sheets?
  8. MAC all the way baby!!! the best most natural looking makeup ever! IMO of course;) i use MAC studio fix... with a brush not the sponge... awesome coverage looks very natural...swear to god! check it out...u might love it as much as i do