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  1. Thank you so much for some new information. I am taking B12, pretty much just one a day...(I think I forgot to mention that). The dose I take is 1000mcg. Some days I forget to take it though. I will stay on top of it and also add in other B vitamins as well. I do take Vitamin D3 everyday, but your right I have read that some people require 10,000iu/day. I may be one of those people?... It's so strange that my hormones aren't showing off balance by blood tests, although I am taking so man
  2. Im getting pretty sick of acne. I've had it pretty much my whole life. The only times I haven't is when I was taking Doxycycline or on the BCP. I have never taken Accutane and never want to. Im now 30 years old. Almost 31. I think when I first posted on this site I must of been 22 years old. At about 28 years old I started getting severe night sweats. I would wake up and the bed would be drenched. I also started loosing my hair (shedding more than normal). I was on the BCP and had no
  3. zitarella

    just before doxycycline

    Just before starting Doxy. I have been suffering for over year now from hormonal acne again ever since going off bc. Have just done a 6 weeks of mega dosing vitamin a. It did help, but. I was still breaking out.
  4. Nevermind Saw palmetto is not working anymore and hasn't for awhile. Nothing natural is working!!
  5. Try Saw Palmetto!! Only thing to somewhat help me so far that is proven to help hormonal acne.
  6. HI Chelslaw: Ihave been taking Saw Palmetto since September 2012. I had horrendous acne hit me right after I went off the BC Pill. The saw Palmetto was a mirical!! I took a large dose about 1800mg/day. It immediatly calmed my cystic acne. It would kill them over night. I have been taking it for about 8 months now, but it seems to not be working as well as before...It remained to keep me acne free till about February. So for 5-6 months. I read online what doses others take an no one w
  7. Birth control is the only thing that works for me.
  8. Yeah I seem to break out too. And actually when I think about the only times I havent broken out is whe I drink vodka and water. Its so bad that I will only have to drinks and boom the next day ACNE!!!!!!!! I just wonder if maybe I have a liver problem. Actually we all may have one.
  9. I starting the no picking challenge and lasted about a week. Sometimes at night I go to wash my face and I get so freaking mad and upset I just freak out and pick everything. Now I have so many red scars on my face. I dont know what to do. SOmedays I go around with white heads, but I just feel so gross and I can feel the pain from my acne without even touching it!! I fucking hate acne and its ruining my life. (just thought I would share.) I have been on Marvelon again cause I believe that's wha
  10. zitarella

    My success

    No more acne since december
  11. I'm not really sure that would be a hard one. I guess just the process of elimination. But if you take supplements make sure they say gluten free. I have also heard iodine can cause acne. I would just go and get a test done. Its safe and healthy I say why not?
  12. Oily skin is nice and beautiful your going to be wrinkle free for life! I used to produce oil ever since taking presciptions I have the most dryed out wrinkled skin
  13. Well I really want everyone to find the real cause for thier acne so we can prove all of these cosmetic companies and doctors wrong because they dont really even care about us.