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  1. i have been only using the finasa cream on my face, not my neck etc. i think its the birth control beacuse of how its spreading on my chest etc. can finasea cream do that even if im not applying it to my neck and chest area? x
  2. yes im taking it for heavey long periods and my acne that flared up. just so hard to wake up with more and more spots on my face and neck etc. im now having to wear makeup to cover it its that bad. they leaving scars aswell cos im so fair skined i scar so easly. so my face a spotty, red scared mess will try and carry on for anouther pack and see how it goes wasnt sure if it was the finasa cream but carnt be cos its spreading
  3. please can someone help me i have nearly finished my fist pack of yasmin, and my skin is horried!! i have acne on me neck and chest and jaw line. never had it on my neck etc before ever. only suffered from my chin and forehead. it has now spread all over my face!!! and eye lids. what do i do!!!!!!!!!! do i carry on and wait it out??? is this NORMAL??? im also on finasa cream 2 times a day. just wan to hide away. hate my life PLEASE IF ANYONE CAN advise!! ive been on duac cream. im also taking
  4. someone please help it has been 6 days on pill and 8 days on azelric acid and nearly 1 mth on antibiotics. now ive develop acne on my chest!!!!!!!!!!!! never had acne on my chest!!! so down!! also may face has more break outs smaller ones but im covered. can the pill make you breakout on your chest at first? and can azelric acid make you breakout first before it gets better? not sure if to carry on with it. i know pill can take 3-6 mths but its so dissheartening its spreading down my chest now
  5. well 2nd day of pill bit naursa but otherwise ok. ive had a big outbreak of small spots on side of my forehead and jaw ;/ which i have never suffered around this area before? only thing i can think of is its the azelric acid?! can it cause intentional outbreak at first? only been on it 5 days . will persevere for now lets hope it clears . wore no makeup today to my passport interview felt sooo self conscience but managed it. anyone used azleric acid before?? and thanks leelowe1 hopefully it wi
  6. well my adult acne flared up 6 mths ago. started a s small bumps on my chin to now full blown acne on my face mainly chin, around my nose and small ones all over my forehead. I ave tryed duac cream burnt my face off been on antibiotics for 1 mth no change breakouts getting worse. doctor put me on yasmin today 1. to control my periods there extremely hevay etc and 2. to see if it helps clear my adult acne. i have changed my diet drank only water, started taking multivitamins but this has made