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  1. Hello (:! Yeah, the hyperpigmentation is pretty noticeable, that's why I use the b3 clarant (helps with evening skin tone and removing dark spots).I don't happen to flake or peel anymore, it's just the annoying small pimples that bug me. I have a lot of black heads on my nose, but some has cleared up. I don't have a derm, just my general doctor. I still have the bottle of BP and clindamycin. Should I use it in the morning as a spot treatment?
  2. Hey everyone, I'm new to this so please bear with me haha. Alright so I'm a teenage male , and I have been having some problems with my acne. For some background, I barely started getting acne a little over a year ago. I have oily skin, especially on my nose and forehead. My doctor prescribed me BP 5% and clindamycin phosphate 1%. It worked well and left my skin pretty clear up until may. Out of nowhere, my skin started breaking out pretty badly. I had about 9 big, red whiteheads on my cheeks