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  1. cateyyy567

    My Acne

    Pictures of the ups and downs my acne has given me.
  2. My mind and body are SO finished with being on Accutane. I'm five and a half months into my six month treatment on 40mg a day. I'm sick of mood swings, muscle and joint pain, chapped lips, eczema, dry flakey skin under my makeup, and blood tests. I absolutely can not wait for my doctor to tell me I'm finished. However, if I had to, I would do it again in a heartbeat. This stuff has worked absolute magic on my skin.
  3. I just started accutane just a little over two weeks ago. Moisturize like crazy even if your not experiencing dryness yet. The way it works is that when I starts to dry out your skin it reacts by over producing sebum creating a feast for your pimples. This is what causes the initial breakout. My face got SO greasy, but just keep moisturizing because it's going to dry out pretty quick after that. I didn't realize how quick it would be for my face to completely dry out! Also, moisturize your body
  4. Pictures of my skin on accutane.
  5. Well my scalp is very dry now. Washing it daily would make it worse. Also, there is no need to. It's not dirty.
  6. So, it's been just over two weeks since I started Accutane. So far, the side effects seem to be pretty normal. There are a couple things that I'm not so sure of because they may or may not be completely unrelated. My skin is defiantly dry. Yesterday I could feel how dehydrated and tight my cheeks and jaw were as I talked. I've got big patches of skin over the zits that are falling off and I've been having a really hard time not picking at them. I've always had a problem with picking, and
  7. After a lot of hesitation and reluctance I decided to start Accutane. I'm a little bit of a hypochondriac. With Accutane and it's seemingly endless side-effects I'm bound to convince myself I'm experiencing at least five of them. (The suicide/depression being the one I was the most anxious about). This is why I have decided to start this blog to sort of monitor what I've been feeling or experiencing and make sure nothing gets out of hand. I'm 22 years old, fairly healthy and have had mod