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  1. I recommend you stop using that kind of soap on your face. You should use Purpose or Cetaphil instead, even if you had perfect skin already. They're just plain nicer to your face.
  2. I've heard of some people going to beauty salons and getting $100 facials. Have any of you got these type of treatments? Do they really help with your skin at all for long term, or does it just make you look better for a day or two?
  3. Hey man, you need to get rid of that addiction. 10x a day is just too much.
  4. For most people sex/masturbation won't make you breakout, but for some people it does seem to have an effect. Sometimes a positive effect.
  5. I'm glad it's going away. I think some pimples are actually good to pop. It just depends on your skin type and the pimple itself. But like others have said, generally it's better to leave them alone.
  6. http://crutchfielddermatology.com/homeacnetreatment/ I doubt this would work. Anyone here have any results with this or something similar?
  7. I think Google ads are a good idea. They're text-based so they don't take long to load. You could post a message asking people to click them. I bet it could raise at least a few hundred a month. You've done us all a great favor with the site and regimen, you shouldn't have to be losing money every month for it.
  8. Hey Dan, When you started this site I bet you never thought it would become this large. You have your own book, your own product, and now that product may actually get in regular retail stores! That's sweet. I've recently started using your BP Gel and it's the best BP I've ever seen. I don't have any before and after photos. Even if I did, the change wasn't anything too dramatic since my acne was usually just a tad above "mild." Best wishes.
  9. Yeah I've heard Accutane works for over 95% of people who take it, but it is a last resort because it can have some very serious side effects that would make it not worth it unless your acne is severe. If all someone has is mild acne, they shouldn't even consider Accutane.
  10. After reading how many people had the same experience with me with the initial whiteheads, I think I'll keep doing it. But I think I'll take a break from it before Thanksgiving, hehe. Thanks!
  11. I'm glad many people are having good results. I stopped using the regimen a few days ago. It was making my forehead break out in many tiny whiteheads. I haven't broke out on my forehead like that in a very long time. My skin responds well to BP. I learned that from Dan's regimen, so I think I'll still use the C&C 10% BP. I think perhaps my skin doesn't like the SA. Maybe the regimen does work for me and I just need to give it more time (I was on it for a week), but Thanksgiving i
  12. I've been doing the regimen for a week now. My skin feels nice, and pimples seem to heal faster, but the past couple days I've started to break out where I use the regimen. They're tiny whiteheads, and I normally never got so many at once. After an hour or two when my skin is completely dry from the wash, they seem to fade in and they're a lot harder to see. But when I get my face wet again, you can see them. Some people mentioned "bringing it to the surface." So I assume that once everyth
  13. I can do 3 minutes each with SA and BP pretty easily. Maybe I just have strong skin. Probably cause of all the other stuff I've tried with it.
  14. I also leave it on for more than 30 seconds. If you have the time, I'd say leave each thing on for at least 3 minutes. That is, once your skin is used to it, or you may irritate your skin. In reply to some other posts, no single regimen will work for every single person. If after a few weeks it doesn't help, you'll probably want to try something else (maybe Dan's regimen!).
  15. I've only been using this regimen for 3 or 4 days but it's going pretty good. I'm pretty clear and when I do get a small blackhead or whitehead I notice they're going away quicker than when I didn't use anything. I also like the way my skin feels. I can't wait to see how well it does in the long-term. I need to be more consistent with it too. Sometimes I only use it once a day.