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  1. @jenjen182: Throw away all your mirrors! Or at least try really hard to tell yourself NO when you feel the urge to look in the mirror. Yesterday, I didn't pick up my little mirror one time. Not even once! All days prior to that, I picked it up and scrutinized my skin at least 20 times. One day of success down, day 2 in the process...
  2. @MissSac17: How can we get over it? I don't know. I'm trying to figure that out now. I know for sure that not allowing myself to look in the mirror helps with the surge of negativity I get when I do look in the mirror and see that my skin looks gross. If I don't look in the mirror the majority of the day, I find that I feel happier and less concerned about my skin. I still think about it, and I think thinking about it in general is really bad, but at least I don't seem to care about it quite
  3. Okay. The reason I'm asking is because I'm becoming more and more convinced that acne is incredibly worsened by the anxiety and stress that comes along with it. And I mean, the specific skin-related anxiety and stress. I have had severe anxiety issues on and off for about ten years now. About ten years ago, and then again five years ago, I spent every waking moment worrying and being anxious about developing MS. After a couple months of nonstop anxiety and monitoring symptoms and such, I
  4. There are so many suggestions, most of which never worked for me. I eat well, I exercise, I feel pretty healthy. I still get cysts and disgusting pustules. I know that some things cause acne for me: milk/dairy, flaxseed, and apple cider vinegar. These things probably don't affect you the same way. Acne is so weird, and so individual. The two things I can say that might help you: One, you're absolutely not alone. I would give nearly anything to not have had to deal with painful, cystic acne u
  5. How often/how much do you stress and worry about your acne? How much anxiety does it give you, and how much depression? How often do you think about your acne? How often do you scrutinize your skin in the mirror? How much does acne control your life, psychologically? Please answer using a scale of 0-100, 0 being that acne does not at all affect you negatively emotionally or psychologically, and 100 being that you are totally depressed, hopeless, anxiety-ridden, full of stress, ALWAYS thinkin