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  1. how's life, college boy?

    1. love yr avatar :) i was hoping you'd have a bigger version in your gallery.. but you dont even HAVE a gallery..

      1. what?????

        no pictures?????


        1. I ran out of my face wipes that i get from my dermatologists office. They are not open tomorrow, or the whole weekand. I think that they are the thing that is keeping me clear. They are salycylic acid 2%/glycolic acid 10% in one. Can I use these http://www.stridex.com/max.htm ? I know they don't have the glycolic acid, but its the best I can do.
        2. "Dan Kern's Clear Skin Regimen"? "Dan Kern's Regimen" sounds kinda sketchy...
        3. http://www.myzeno.com/ hmm it's got a money back guarantee. wonder if it helps with blackheads too.. Anyone tried it?
        4. hey man, I'm Scottish, I have to. And I love them!
        5. I have run out of my prescription bp - Vanoxide HC Lotion. It is a 5% benzoyl peroxide with hydrocortison. I have to wait until Monday for it to come. I am clear of acne but I really don't want to miss a day. Could I go to the drug store and pick up a regular tube of 2.5% peroxide and use it for a night or will it break me out?
        6. umm....the thing you have listed are not nationalities..they are colors and races.
        7. What will happen if I do use it since it has expired? And, it was my brothers. Also, will Differin work in the same way as Retin-A?
        8. Ok. I've been 100% clear using the regimen for months but... I have tiny pimples on my chine that you can see very close up in the correct lighting. I'd really like to get rid of them (they make shaving a pain because the hair tends to get stuck!). So, I was looking through my cabinet and I found a tube of the Retin-A Micro .04% gel, it must have been my brother's. It expires April of 2006. I heard Retin-A resurfaces your skin, and that is what I really need. I would only be using it on a half
        9. looks kinda sketchy but it could work
        10. is the smashbox stuff good for a mild shine on a guys nose?