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  1. Hey, the exact same thing is starting to happen to me, i just saw this morning. My skin has felt extremely dried out all the time during the past few days. More moisturizer does not make it feel any less tight, even when adding a ridiculous amount, all I get in return is moisturizer that won't soak in, but still very dry-feeling skin. It usually doesn't cause any flakes, except in a couple places every now and then and the flakes are barely noticeable. I use Eucerin whoopty-doo lotion that was d
  2. sodium lauryl (or laureth) is in almost ever cleanser/shampoo product around.
  3. When I sweat, I get at least 1 new pimple. I sweat most in the morning when I get up and go run before eating or doing the regimen. However, i put on some eucerin face lotion for the spf first. Could this be because I haven't washed yet, and I should wash before running? Anybody have any experience with this?
  4. Your body can do a lot to prevent cancer too, though. The research was done on mice and hampsters, and probably in excessive dosages. I might bring up the fact that despite the popularity of testing on mice, they still are not humans. You shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet, because people like me or you can make a website claiming that Jesus was a squaredancing black woman, or whatever we feel like. I wouldn't worry about anything until they conduct a long-term experiment usin
  5. Now it says that it's "failed". What does this entail, and how can i correct the problem? All of the shipping info. is correct.
  6. Does it take more than a few days to ship the cleanser? I ordered 2 gels and a cleanser a few days ago, and it still says "queued" for the status. Is this normal? Thanks.
  7. Has anybody had any experience with products that actually prevent oily skin thoughout the day? While i was on Proactive, I had a tube of "Daily Oil Control" and still have it, although have not noticed a good deal of improvement while using it. Also, where would this product fit in the CSR? Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. How long ago was it discontinued? I bought some two days ago at H-E-B.