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  1. I have used it. I used it for about 3 weeks and I got a breakout around my chin. Not saying it was a direct cause of the moisturizer, but I stopped using it. I still use the daily body moisturizer for my face though...works well. I just use a sunscreen stick on my face after I moisturize.
  2. How many posts have to be made on whethere smoking pot affects acne or not? It doesn't. Some people have acne and smoke other smoke and have clear skin. It's all genetics, hormones, health, etc.
  3. I agree that it's too drying. I don't think it's that great of a product really...it does just about what any other clay mask product can do.
  4. Smoking pot hasn't had any effect on my acne in the last 3 years I've been smoking straight....I've never heard anyone say that smoking ever caused them to break out or worsen their acne. I guess it just depends on the person.
  5. I use the Aveeno body moisturizer for my face...works very well. I haven't tried any other Aveeno products other than their body washes.
  6. I almost always fall asleep on my stomach...kind of hard for me not to. I'd rather sleep well than let my skin control me. haha.
  7. Acid hasn't made me crazy yet. It's only capable of bringing out already underlying problems in someone...not a direct cause. Erowid.org for information on all drugs...be safe and moderation is key.
  8. I think that show is annoying. They also add funny accessories to the kids pictures...It is good that they're trying to teach better eating habits and such but the show overall sucks IMO.
  9. i think bars are better b/c you just lather it up in your hands for a couple seconds then wash your face with your hands. I agree. I've always used bars over liquid cleansers. They've just always worked best for me I suppose. Purpose bar and Clean and Clear's morning burst with Vit. C and Ginseng are my favorite. I love the smell of the morning burst and it has never broke me out.
  10. Same here, but they weren't horrible. They just weren't pretty. I did notice a difference in my marks though. I think they've faded quite a bit....although that could be due to exfoliation too.
  11. Sorry man, I'm in the UK so no American fests for me! Going to Reading for the whole weekend and V fest for the Saturday. Should be a great laugh cos I've never been to Reading before. Probably a stupid question, but wondered if doing mushrooms (psychadelic not garlic! ) would affect acne at all? Never really affected mine....I think your safe.haha Just remember no worries when doing any hallucinogens, and you can control your trip...be safe and have fun.
  12. bollocks. stop making up such crap I've done shrooms and acid numerous times, and I don't recall my acne being any worse after. Actually I was probably more clear around that time. But after a night of drinking, my skin is a lot worse...same with rolls. Coke didn't make my skin breakout either really. Just my 2 cents.
  13. Smoking weed doesn't make a difference in my skin. And your acne was probably worse when on opiates bc the itchies. I know when I'm doped up that my nose and chin itch constantly. Along with the redt of my face...and I usually get more breakouts. Plus I'm more carefree when doped up bc you're pretty much numb and clouded with euphoria...who gives a care about skin problems when ya feel that. haha. But yeah I think quitting cigs would definitely benefit my skin. I need willpower. What fes
  14. Did it help me? Umm it improved my skin somewhat...made it to where I wouldn't get those huge zits. But after a few months just like nature's cure, I stopped seeing an improvement and stopped taking them.