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  1. Don't mess up a good thing. The Regimen does help with acne but in my experience, it made my skin tone that much worse. Try something that turns over your skin faster or fade marks such as a retinoid (retin A) or AHA. You may want to find out for sure if you have rosacea because if you do, you'll have to be very careful with treatment. Well, doesn't the regimen say to only test AHA after being on the regimen for a longer period? Or not? Is there anywhere on acne.org where you can post pic
  2. Hello everybody! As this is my first post and I'm fairly new to this website, I hope that you will forgive me if this is the wrong section to ask questions. My problem is the following: Since my early teens I have been struggling with acne. I am 20 now and just finished my first year of university. When I say struggle, I don't mean that my acne is that bad. I don't get big pimples but the problem is that my overall skin tone is reddish and not even for some reason with some smaller pimple