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  1. It's very weird because for me potatoes can be incredibly bad for my skin, but other times I can eat them and be totally fine. It seems that whenever I get a baked potato from a restaurant or even make them myself I break out with large pimples somewhere on my face within a few hours. When I eat baked sweet potatoes I notice the same thing, maybe even worse, literally every time. However, I've been eating peeled, boiled red potatoes every day for a few weeks, and my skin seems to be fine. Last
  2. For grain substitutes, I only really eat these: - steamed quinoa - sprouted wheat bread - spaghetti squash
  3. the thing is, not all fruits and vegetables are create equal (and they don't affect acne equally either) so just saying, "eat fruits and vegetables" is not nearly specific enough. For example, I would not recommend high gi foods like potatoes, pumpkin, watermelon, banana, etc...
  4. yeah, fish oil pills are so fake. I noticed that I don't feel better when I take them as well... However, without some kind of preservative the fish oil would go rancid very quickly. I've been drinking raw, unpasteurized milk (http://uddermilk.com/) and seem to be ok with it (milk is still high iodine though so I can't go crazy with it).
  5. Hey all, I'm wondering if there is any type of website or mobile app that helps with tracking what foods break me out and what are ok to eat. Fodmaps, low-sugar, low GI, low iodine, etc... There's a ton of dietary factors that affect acne (for me at least), and it would be cool if there was some online platform that could take all of these things into consideration. I'm actually a web developer and thought this would be a cool project. I was thinking about making something like this, but I wan
  6. Weird. I tried to take sport research organic Pasteur raised bovine hide pure gelatin peptides, but every time I get huge painful cysts within 2 hours after taking it.
  7. Your problem is that your "safe foods" are giving you acne. The soybean cooking oil alone in USA means you pretty much can't eat at any cooked food at a restaurant in the USA without breaking out. Don't trust any ingredient for anything that isn't a plant or pure meat. lol Also, low glycemic index + low fodmap may help you Maybe try this: Pure spring water red bell peppers quinoa Radishes Wild-caught fish Pork shoulder Lettuce Sprouted pumpkin see
  8. I went to a derm who said not to put coconut oil on your skin because it is comedogenic. As far as eating it, I noticed that it makes me break out slightly and all other spots more red and inflamed, so I must avoid it. Now I only cook with avocado oil and use ev olive oil for dressing.
  9. Hi. I've been dealing with acne for a long time. I'm a 25 year old male. I've been on antibiotics, Accutane, and used various face washes. I've been to many doctors, digestive specialists, and dermatologists. They all either told me I'm Sol, some lame recommendation like "don't drink dairy" , or give me something that doesn't work. I have noticed a super tight correlation between certain foods I eat and when my acne appears. Things containing probiotics (fermented foods, probiotic pills)
  10. I live in NJ and can't find one single restaurant that has food I can eat without breaking out. I know I am allergic to soy, vegetable oil, canola oil, but I even break out from fruits and vegetables too. I have overall pretty nice skin, but it seems like I always have at least one huge red mound on my face somewhere. It is super painful and lasts 1-2 weeks. Usually I pop it when it's about to bulge with white goop. I honestly can not figure out what to eat or why this happens to me from consumi
  11. I smoke a lot. I find that my acne doesn't get worse when I do it more, but it doesn't go away if I stop. My acne is more from food and weightlifting. Although I would stay away from blunts and blunt wrap type things. I tend to break out when I smoke them so I try to stick to bong rips.
  12. Hi Quetzlcoatl. I appreciate you trying to help, but I don't think those suggestions will be of much use. I've heard really terrible things about accutane, and I highly doubt it will solve the root cause of my food curse. Being a mathematician, I am kind of embarrassed to say that I have been to multiple naturopaths. To say it bluntly, that whole branch of knowledge is either common nutrition or complete BS. : / I want the truth, but unfortunately nobody knows....
  13. The problem with trying to avoid the foods and do a minimal diet is that there are so few safe foods that I can't actually function in real life on a diet of only safe foods, let alone get a nutritionally balanced diet.
  14. Hi all. I am 23 yr old male, and I have been battling acne for about 10 years. My acne is 100% for sure caused by food. Unfortunately, it is caused by a lot of foods. I notice pimples forming about 1-3 hours after eating "bad foods", and pimples can last about 5-10 days unless I eat more "bad foods" in which case the current pimples usually get some more juice and stay around longer. Anyway, this is an interesting thing I noticed. I always cook with extra virgin olive oil. I use it for dres
  15. I have the same problems as you dskully. I am 23 yr old male with same cystic acne cause by food. Pretty much the only "safe" foods for me are: bell peppers plain baked chicken lettuce root vegetablees broiled salmon / tuna steamed quinoa blue agave nectar extra virgin olive oil I usually stir-fry those things together and eat that for maybe 2 meals out of the day. I also have been using pumpkin seed protein and sacha inchi protein .Brown rice and pea seem to bother me too much