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  1. How can you self prescribe yourself? I had to get blood tested before taking it like anyone else. I went to him concerned about the back pain a week ago and he didn't seem concerned.
  2. I would post this in "prescription drug" section but I never get any replies... I've been on accutane for 25 days. That came after a ton, and I mean a ton of debate if I should do it or not. I was very nervous about doing it but decided to go ahead and take it. In the past few days my back muscles starting hurting while only working out to the point where it's hard. That's not the main problem. I've felt insanely hyper. To the point of having the urge to scream. Making me feel....insane.
  3. The title says it all but, has anyone ever cracked an accutane pill open and rubbed it on face? Obviously it wouldn't have same effect as taken orally, but just a dumb thought. Or maybe so dumb, it'd work?
  4. I've always had tinnitus but 10 days in it seemed to get louder. I stopped accutane today after 18 days.
  5. First off I'm 20 years old, active, lift weights 4 times a week. I've been on accutane for 18 days. For months and months I debated if I should even use it. I got the prescription but never got it filled cause I decided against it. A few weeks later my skin got so bad I just said screw it I'll start taking it. I have tinnitus which is ringing in your ears from being a musician for years. Only 10 days into taking accutane the ringing seemed to get louder. Turns out this is a side effect. 2
  6. A few days ago I posted on here and said I had made the decision to go on accutane. I was prescribed and went to get the medicine. Luckily it has been delayed and I haven't been able to get it for 2 days. Why luckily? I started researching more and more, on top of all the previous research I've done. Keep in mind the research I have done are NOT just the negative reviews. Here are my thoughts.. I honestly cannot believe this drug is legal. I'm completely aware there are thousands of
  7. I have finally made the decision to do Accutane. I've tried everything and not one thing has worked. I'm scared out of my mind honestly and I'm sure the experience will be a big pain but I can't deal with the acne. So my questions are 1. What moisturizer is best? 2. What Chapstick is best? 3. Is there a certain sunscreen or SPF best? (Keep in mind I live in AZ) 4. Recommended amount of water to drink a day? 5. Any other incidentals worth mentioning? Thank you
  8. For years I had very mild acne. When I turned 19 it seemed my body said that's your magic acne age, here, suffer. I started getting more acne. Some very mild, some cystic. I just turned 20 in May and about 2 months ago it got really bad. Mainly the scarring. Only on my cheeks I have a lot of red marks in clusters that make my face look absolutely horrible. When I had mild acne, menocycline (idk if that's the spelling) kept my acne nice and under control along with proactive. Since my acne g