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  1. Hi all, so about a week week or so ago I was on clarithromycin for tonsillitis. After 4-5 days on this I experienced a pretty strong allergic reaction. My skin on face and body was really dry and red, and hot. It was a little itchy. Now it’s a week post. the skin on my face is very dry, tight and flakey. I moisturise multiple times a day and all over my body it’s still very dry. My face gets so oily during the day normally that I have to blot it constantly but now no oiliness. Even the ski
  2. Ask for conservative settings. Rf needling melted lots of fat in my face and kick started the worst year and half of my life. Please start slow!!!
  3. So this is Day 5 following a pretty aggressive subcision kind of procedure. Basically the doctor used a cannula to get under my skin all over and cut through scar tissue. She said it’s the worst scar tissue under the skin she has ever seen. It has caused previous fillers to be lumpy and make my skin worse. im convinces it is the reason my skin doesn’t heal anymore, why it’s so crinkly etc. as of now, my skin is too horrible to contemplate. I wanted some prp and I broke down and cried in
  4. I never wanted to do lasers, especially after my negative experience with skin needling. yet I am flying out to see Dr. Davin Lim on August 30, and see what he says.
  5. Okay there seems to be so much animosity on this forum towards scar sufferers of all severities. I thought perhaps this thread could work for us to post how we are feeling today about our scars in a safer environment, free of judgement and hate. There is one for those with acne, and I was sure there used to be one for scarring. Anyway if this isn't the proper place for this thread, perhaps a moderator could move it to the appropriate area. it should go without saying, but all welcome to v
  6. I call that perfect skin. I don't see any major scarring, so of course they could continue their lives.
  7. I can't do this anymore. My acne I had under pretty good control first time in a decade almost. I was feeling more positive, and my scars and texture seemed a bit better, I tried to do dermal fillers (not for scars just to make me look like I had a fuller face) and they seemed to have 'donuted' around my scars. Or were injected in clumps. Idk, I also finally was able to start skin needling with a professional . 3 treatments, and either that or the fillers or both has caused my severe
  8. Tbh if that's what you call scarring, then I feel even worse about my skin...
  9. I'm from Sydney and hoping to see him also! It would be great if anyone could tell us if they have seen him for a treatment.
  10. I had PRP for some of my more shallow scarring. I had three or four treatments spaced about a month apart. I found it did nothing for even my more shallow scarring. The only thing it did was to make a hypertrophic scar on my jawline a tad smaller. My face broke out in some of the most severe acne that I have had. It was already quite bad before the PRP but had been calming down. Then it got worse after it. I don't know if it was due to the localised inflammation from the injections, or the Plasm
  11. Thanks for your kind words Mandarine. I'm not sure what has caused it. My cysts went away after doing some Photodynamic Therapy. Regardless, I'm really at an all time low. The second time in my life that I started seeing someone (only been a few weeks anyway) and I have to stop seeing them. There has been a few mentions of skin. They talked about a friend eating so much chocolate and yet being so lucky to have clear skin. Tonight, they spoke about not wanting to eat too much chocolate themse
  12. *be warned, this will be long* It has been a few months since I've been back on the forum. It has been a huge few months. Firstly, my skin was starting to get a bit better. Daily breakouts of courses but small ones, on the surface, easy to get rid of by the slightest squeeze etc. Because my skin was getting better, I was able enjoy going out a bit. I had to organise and go to my brothers bucks night, which involved going outside during the day, in the sun. I avoid that at all costs. It i
  13. Also @Rob, I know it is hard to accept a truth someone else believes, but I've seen your pix, and I honestly think you're a good looking bloke. So I hope eventually you'll believe that of yourself. I hope we all will believe it of ourselves.
  14. @SNDR Link me dude!!! Sounds great Also I've tried MSM cream on a rolling scar that was only a couple months old. Put it on twice a day for 3. Months, saw no difference. Yet, putting MSM cream on cuts and scrapes after they have scanbed on my body has made them disappear quickly. @Pineapple, I've had that Island daydream repeatedly. Lol I've just been prescribed some anti depressants, but I'm scared I may react and get more acne. It is so hard sometimes to talk about acne and scarri
  15. Would their products work even with something non ablative , such as an intense dermastamping session? I would save money and fly to where this is available (will take me a few years lol), because I emailed them and sadly there isn't an Australian distributor at the moment. :/