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  1. I just started using Vinegar also... the first time I put it on, it STUNG. I am wondering if anyone who has done this over a period of time can tell me if the stinging stops, or lets up after using it for a while? OPT
  2. wow maya, thanks for that link.. .I havn't even read through that yet. thats just what I was looking for. O
  3. Probably from across the room.. no joke. OPT
  4. I took a look around today at the B5 I do have in my cupboard... most of them were only like 10-20mg. a complete B complex I have, had 50mg per vitamin. How are you supposed to actually get 10g per day? do they sell a B5 thats higher mg than the regular complex? -O
  5. Do you have to take 10g in the morning? or is it best to spread it out throught the day? -O
  6. I wouldn't say that it improved my scars. The cysts just gradually went away, preventing newer scars. I had broken out in every possible spot prior to starting accutane, so I really couldn't say if I had broken out somewhere I normally hadn't. Id ask your derm if you can start treating your face with BP or SA to prevent a breakout. See what he has to say, cause once Accutane kicks in fully, you feel like a sun dried cracker. -O
  7. im gonna reply to a month old post here.. but im with fatman_uk on that one. Any girl that makes it blatent, just do it. You think back to highschool, and tell yourself... "if I could do it over again, I wouldn't turn down ANY of those girls" -O
  8. SCARS for sure. Yes, the acne does cause those scars but those scars are causing the most pain. lol, scares and character... id say id have to be named Roadrash is i was a character #-o -O
  9. I think the opposite sex has quite a bit to do with acne related depression. I have been trying to make an outline of all the things I feel due to this problem. The subject that comes up very high on the list, is lack of a significant other. I was married for six years, have two beautiful sons. After their mom and I broke up, I was definately LONELY and have been since. I know I do have the company of my little guys, but you know how it is when you go some place and there is that attractive
  10. Good posts =D> on a side note, not only is it hard on you when your peers talk about your acne, but when your young children do as well. My 5 year old asks every now and then why I have these "dots" on my face. Another thing I find interesting, is when you meet someone new. You know they are looking right at your acne/scars. I constantly get that. Someone will make eye contact with you, and immediatly you can watch their eyes move down and then away or to another focus point. I
  11. 350? omg, you got it way cheaper than i did.. it was $546 for 30 days here.. -O
  12. Gl Rocco, im pretty sure accutane will take care of that nicely. -O
  13. My experience with Accutane: First, im pretty new to all the terminology ](*,) so im not exactly sure what Rolling Scars are, so if you can fill me in on that one. (im doing my research, slowly but surely) Second, I was on Accutane twice. The first time I got on it, my cystic acne was so severe, that if I broke out initially I didn't notice it. I was lucky to find a Dr. that helped me out. * I didn't have insurance at the time and couldn't afford the obscene price, so he would give
  14. Wow, ive just started reading through many of these treatment options. I have very severe scaring from cystic acne, and the majority of my face is pretty scared. Can this procedure be used for the whole face? Seems like most of the treatments ive seen, are geared toward 5 or 6 deep scares here or there, and various other types of minor scaring. Can anyone recommend other types of procedures that are favorable for cystic acne scaring? This one sounds pretty promising at least. Thanks
  15. Not a Minnesota resident, however I might take a look at that website. Im kind of curious as to what exactly a permanant-make artist can do for scars. thanks for the site addy O:) -O