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  1. dogsandcats .. I miss your posts. Come back. Are you clear dear?

    1. I've been tinkering with my diet to get rid of my acne for the past 7 years. I've had acne for the past 20 years.. I grew up eating a healthy high fiber/high fruit and vegetable diet. I ALWAYS had acne and the healthier I ate the worse my skin would be. Well, a few years ago I started cooking with butter...I was using vegetable oils before that and the food didn't taste good so I switched to butter. For a couple of weeks I ate lots of baked goods with butter and then much to my surprise my
    2. All hairsprays and nail polishes give me a headache...Whatever's in there, whether it is 'safe' or not, can't be healthy. I trust my body's signals.
    3. It's complicated. Yes, some starches have higher GI than some fruits, but there are other factors to consider. Fruit is full of simple sugars whereas starches are complex...I know simple sugars increase oil on my face while complex sugars/carbos do not. I can eat white flour products and have baby smooth skin, but when I start eating fruit, even low GI fruits I begin to get oily skin, acne and increased hair growth. And don't ask me why, but the insoluble fiber in grain gives me acne, bu
    4. After going some months without much fruit, I decided to start making banana smoothies...as a healthy alternative to other sweets. Before I started eating these banana + other fruit smoothies my skin was very clear without medication. I was eating starch, some animal protein and a few sweets here and there. Well ever since I dramatically increased the number of fruits I am eating I've noticed that my skin is starting to break out a little and it is more oily. I've also noticed that I am much
    5. I've been acne prone for the past 20 years!!!!! Yes, that's right...And unless some one comes in and alters my DNA I will most likely be acne prone until the day I die. Anyhoo, on to a more uplifting topic. I can control my acne through my dietary choices.....Personally, I believe that everyone thrives on slightly different diets, but for what it's worth this is the one that works for me and most likely a portion of you. I'm sure some of you have discovered these very same things yourself.
    6. I eat whatever I want and don't get acne as long as I don't overeat complete proteins like animal protein or soy. This is so simple and it works! No crazy juicing. No popping supplements. No off limit foods. No weight loss. I just don't much protein. I eat more starches, veggies, fruits. You name it! And sometimes I do eat animal protein. I just make sure not to overdo it. If I get a breakout, one day of veganism and my skin is back on track. If only my dumb docs told me about this ea
    7. i still remember your post that made me laugh water out my nose.. :) be a shame if you left for good.

      1. That's the kind of things I'm interested in this thread (it doesn't matter if it's anecdotal) This is interesting. Fruits have an high vitamin content so it makes sense that they may help to improve appareance. C Danny, yeah, of course that's the kind of thing you're interested in. You're just looking for ideas that match what you already think. Very open minded of you. The popular idea isn't evolutionary theory. According to you, you read all about evolutionary theory. Well...um, y
      2. I've lost weight on strict diets (like wai's or paleo diet). I like the skinny model look that I get, but I get so weak. I lose strength very quickly on those diets, even while consuming many calories. I took that as evidence that the diet wasn't right for me. Ideally the correct diet should allow one to maintain their strength at least. It's funny how many compliments I get on my figure when I've gone on those diets; People really 'approve' of skinny women. It's the cultural ideal.
      3. I wish that were true for me, but too much fruit gives me acne and faster growing body hair. I can eat two slices of pineapple, but if I were to eat more than that I would get problems. I love fruit though, especially apples. I've been on fruit diets before and my skin gets ssoooo oily. It's crazy. The most beautiful girls I know always claim to eat ice cream....hmmm, but that gives me pimples too. I guess some people have better genes. Natalie Portman and Laeticia Casta say they both e
      4. Babies and young children require Major investment on the part of the mother, and depending on the species, the father too. This investment of time, effort and resources was proportionately greater for infants who were 'cuter' and more infantile in appearance. People with cute baby genes were more likely to live to adulthood to have children of their own. That's why the babies of mammals are extremely cute; This is especially true for domesticated animals. People have in a sense domesticate
      5. Yes, I have pointed out that as well. This forum does often times just discuss 'being healthy' which doesn't necessarily get to the bottom of acne. There are people who grew up eating junk and have acne. But there are also people who grew up with hippy health obsessed parents and get acne. How confusing! I pointed this out once and got made fun of for it, but I don't get acne from greasy deep fried french fries and I do get acne from healthy low GI whole grains. I don't mean to confuse e
      6. Children and babies ARE often more beautiful, but this is not due to early good health. Rather babies and children have features that cause adults to want to take care of them. This happened through a process of evolution and is found in other species as well. Kittens are cuter than cats; Puppies are cuter than dogs. The youth of mammals usually has larger eyes, smaller noses, softer finer fur/hair, less/different body smell, smoother skin etc.
      7. Skin tags are benign, but they are part of syndrome x and insulin insensitivity. I know when I'm not following my 'acne diet' I start getting acne along with tiny skin tags. They go hand in hand.