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  1. I don't imagine using Dan's bp with Differin would be bad...as long as you use the bp during the day and the differin at night. I use differin and night and duac during the day and duac contains bp. And I'm not sure if differin helps with red marks, but i use hydroquinone to fade my red marks with the differin at night because supposedly the differin helps the hydroquinone penetrate the skin more. I read that it's not good to use AHA with the Differin though.
  2. I bought it onsale at CVS for 26 dollars yesterday. A bit steep, but I'm ready for these red marks to go away! After one use, my skin was left red and icky looking...however, 24 hours later and I already see results. My skin tone is more even and the marks are starting to fade. I would definately rec. this product, just make sure you have a nice moisturizer to slather on afterwards.
  3. Yep, he prescribed the plexion wipes. The last things he had me on weren't as drying, but my face is extremely, extremely oily, so I think he prescribed all of this as a last resort before accutane. I cut back on the topicals and I'll just see how it goes from there...thanks for your help. :)
  4. I've switched to just using the duac once a day even though my derm advised twice a day. Plexion is sodium sulfacetamide and sulflur, which I feel is helping a great deal with my acne. I blame the dryness mainly on the combination of duac and differin gel. However, I was just switched over from my previous medication to duac and differin gel, so hopefully what I'm experiencing will go away with time.
  5. Duac, differin gel, plexion wipes, and doxycycline are all clearing me up quite nicely...BUT MY FACE BURNS SO BADLY. and the areas around my eyes and lips are dried out and disgusting. I use moisturizer, but my skin remains dry, and despite the fact that my skin is dry, I still get shiney and oily. Pretty annoying.
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