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  1. Cheers! I know its still a lot of money, but just getting a small spot like a tiny excision scar should be about £20 per scar!! If you have 2, you should be able to go to a couple of free consultations and ask the dr's if they will do it for whatever cash you have. Hope that helps, has always worked with me.
  2. Its actually someone I knew before i had chicken pox. He doesnt really do excision, he does a lot of real plastic surgery though. I am unsure if he would want me to post his name here. However, if i have it done, and it goes well, I will certainly ask him. He may want people coming to him for that or he may not. But talking from experience, i highly suggest you email some surgeons or go and visit some who you think sound good.. A good surgeon will have a good technique and should be informed or
  3. Also, do you know if anyone has had laser of any kind on their excision scars? Struggling to find any pics or reviews of this too...
  4. Thanks for your reply! Yes i think it is a medically proven thing judging by several studies and the fact that when i asked my surgeon he didn't look at me like I was an alien! Do you check that buffalo uni link out? Could be fake I know, but it all makes sense and nothing to lose from botox combined with excision. Surely it can only help. I also scoured the boards and only found topics with no replies, but thought my post may prompt someone to say "oh yeah, I had that done" haha wishful thinkin
  5. 1540 gave me wierd dry lines on what was complelely smooth skin and big red squares and track marks. I still have redness 4 months later. c02 gave much more noticable results and amazing results combined with PRP. still slightly pink from c02 but no wierd marks. You could try fully ablative erbium yag. It ablates all the skin but isnt as deep as fractional c02 You could get c02 spot treatment, ie just on the scars and not the whole face.
  6. Going to have excision soon... Has anyone had laser of any kind of their excision scar? I cannot really find any before and afters for this. Would be interested to see or know how much it can change or if it looks inconspicuous afterwards.
  7. Hey, no not directly on my nose but I have just to the side of my nose and actually they have probably healed the best! it really shouldn't cost more than £20-£50 absolute maximum to treat just one scar! I don't know how much that is in Asia but should be even cheaper. Docs try and get people to do their whole face which costs thousands, but for one scar seems stupid! It is called 'spot treatment' if you only get on scar treated. Which part of Asia are you in? I have read of many people ha
  8. I would get c02 on just the scars and not your whole face!! unless that is not possible as too many.. that way it is so much cheaper! You could also try fully ablative erbium at a high setting, similar effect to c02 but not as deep a treatment. Combine this with PRP (Vampire facial) injected into the scars and your results should be amazing! I have had c02 with and without PRP and it made no difference really (well a bit, but hardly) without it, and now even my worst scars are 50% filled in. The
  9. Hey, dont touch it with any more needles! Nose skin heals very well so I am told by doctors and surgeons but is also a risky place for lasers such as c02. for this reason, I would have a fully ablate erbium laser, with ablates all skin off, done at a high-ish setting. It goes less deep into the dermis than c02 but does take all the skin off so should really smooth it! If you can afford it I would get some PRP injections done at the same time, i combined this with c02 myself and it had a
  10. if they are flat and just a little brown or red with no raisedness or texture, leave them they will go!! How long have you had them for? Otherwise, again if they are just flat and pigmented or red, fraxel restore or a similar non ablative laser will take the colour out I wish mine were flat and not indented! x
  11. Please, next time just book a flight to the UK and get that treatment for a fraction of the price! If it makes you feel any better I have also spent a fortune on treatment with not much effect from half of it. luckily though, you have tried all the expensive shit and just just need to try the cheaper shit, excision and peels maybe? Okay, you have really lovely skin, with some enlarged pores and a kind of flat but slightly indented (maybe, am i right?) pair of scars on your cheek. Befor
  12. I had chicken pox last year and now have 15 holes on my face. I have done a lot of intensive research on excision as I have had restylane, C02, Non-ablative laser and although much improved, I can see I will always have a huge hole on my forehead which is always going to be visible in certain lighting. Hence, I really want to get this and another on my cheek just under my eye next to my nose, excised. I found this study http://www.buffalo.edu/news/releases/2006/08/8127.html and many
  13. Hey, maybe get it re-excised and get botox put in a few days beforehand. There are some studies showing this can make a much more acceptable scar. I personally haven't had this done but I am just about to for a pox scar on my forehead. Make sure he uses a layer of subcutaneous (underlying) dissolvable stiches and preferably skin glue or very very file sultures on top. All of this should prevent it from reopening and make a much more acceptable scar!! I came on here to ask if anyone had already h
  14. Surely pulse dye laser will help flatten them then another laser to help pigment maybe? I am in the same situation as you only mine are recent.. Hoping to get pulse dye. Goodluck I hope you get them sorted!