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  1. Hey mooshi Thank you for your reply, this is also a motivation for me to know I can help other people heal their acne. Actually, I dreamed every night in the time of healing that I will post something like this some day! As for your problem.... I think you should just start doing the basics. At first I read day and night (of course my law studies suffered a bit...) about acne, the sticky topics hier from alternativista are a MUST! I googled every free minute about tips, researched methods
  2. Hi! : ) I wanted to share with you how I stay 100% clear now. I do have some hyperpigmentation and if I eat a bunch of crap or sleep with make up I will have 2-3 breakouts, but it is nothing that I cant control right now. It took me 6 months to heal (almost) completely after years of out-of-nowhere acne. I got to the root. I did EVERYTHING I found helpful. The story is very long, but this are the main points: At first I cut out all occaisonal junk (was paleo before the healing pro
  3. Hey, thank you all for the answers!!!!! I am already 1 month into the no candida diet and am seeing results. I take probiotics, maca, spirulina and a whole bunch of other supplements. I am convinced my acne is 100% gut related and not hormonal. I did the vegs-meat-fish thing for 2 weeks and couldnt manage more. I then introduced some COLD beans, lentils and recently also COLD potatoes. Yeah, potatoes. They have resistant starch and feed good bacteria. I also started to eat ar
  4. mygutleaks, THANKS for the answer. This is very helpful to me. I saw that you cured your gut by not eating any sugar and carbs for a year and taking nystatin and other antifungals. I have a strong willpower, I think I could do it, cos this is the only way my skin stays clearer. Sorry if I bother you with too many questions, but do you think it is safe to do the low carb thing (basically vegs, rotating variety between hormone free meat, chicken, fish etc.) for so long? I fear it might b
  5. Hey, have somebody done a food intolerance test? Like Imupro 300. I got tested for 300 foods and candida through blood test. Candida came out negative, but I have a strong intolerance (I guess also allergy, cos I have it since childhood) against MILK, cheese, etc, but also eggs, all nuts except walnuts, and my strongest reaction is against tomatoes, all red spices : red peppers, sweet peppers, chilli, some other. I also have gluten intolerance and all kinds of bread: spelt, rye etc, quinoa.
  6. Yes, this work all, but I think you have to do them all together to gain some benefit. Just make it a priority to heal your face and do this ALL every week. My experience is very very promising. Just keep going. It may take months or even a year, but you will do it. I saw immediate effect. Do some reasearch. In fact, research every minute possible. Make it a mission to heal your body. Sunbed is BAD.
  7. turmeric honey mask (very effective, daily use), clay masks, anti inflammatory diet, lots of omega 3, lots of water, if you tolerate it : yoghurt mask (goats milk, organic is best), baking soda mask, sauna, skin brushing with special face brush (very effective), intermittent fasting, detox, probiotics, enzymes, esp. serrapepptase!
  8. Hi again I think I found the last piece of my acne puzzle - I spent over 150 Euros for hormonal tests etc. and went to practically every doctor possible. I was diagnosed with PCOS after years of suffering. My cortisol is sky high, my testosterone is elevated, I have a few drops of estrogen. my ACTH (pituitary gland hormone) is underfunctioning, I have too little cholesterol in my body and insulin resistance. And a few more problems, but this are the main triggers. I was prescribed
  9. Hi : ) I wanted to make a short update on my regimen. It is almost 3 months since I made my first sugar detox (no fruits), than I introduced berries and some buckwheat, beans. I found out I have a blood sugar problem, as I broke out around 2 weeks after I introduced this foods on a regular basis. If I try to eat something like brown rice or apples or bananas etc. I break out immediately with an itchy acne. i also have some hormonal problems that I am not sure to 100% about, but I am exploring my
  10. 2 minutes-cream : 2 avocados frozen strawberries chia gelly (2 tbsp. chia seeds left in an espresso glass of water overnight or for a few hours) --------> blend together in a food processor --------> when it is ready add coconut flour and begin forming a thick paste. Slowly add a bit of cocoa powder (just a bit) and cocoa butter (1 tbsp) or coconut oil (1 tbsp) I sometimes eat it alone or added it recently to buckwheat plus a banana and it was heavenly ( I dont add coc
  11. My red marks are fading since i dont wear make up ( I believe this was 50% of the cure) and eat 100% good all of the time. I still have some breakouts and they leave red marks but because everything else is fading, they dont stand out that much. I am battling the last flow of inflammation. I hope at least Deep scarring... I dont have THAT MUCH deep scars, they are visible just when you look very close. Or when I lose too much weight. Since I started applying black seed oil on my skin,
  12. Pancakes without any sugar and gluten : http://canadagirleatspaleo.com/2013/09/17/sweet-potato-pancakes/ Just did them and oh gosh Sweet Potato Pancakes Cook time: 10 mins Total time: 10 mins Serves: 1 Ingredients 1/2 c mashed sweet potato (measure after mashing) 2-3 eggs 1 tbsp coconut flour 1 tsp cinnamon 1/4 tsp baking soda 1/4 tsp vanilla coconut oil cinnamon to sprinkle on top Instructions Mash the sweet potato, and then whisk thoroughly with 2 eggs to start.
  13. Hey Happy to hear you will at least try it. Rice is problematic, because of many factors, one of which is that is high in carbs, could cause problems with digestion, even if you dont notice it right away. Fruit: you can be intolerant and dont even know it. Fruit spikes insulin and spiked insulin causes inflammation and clogged pores. Many people are fructose intolerant. You can cure this with habits, but you must first recognise what is your problem Yeah, sleep is very important. Read the
  14. Dont get discouraged. The acne battle Can be solved either or the diet side or on the pill side (on my opinion the first is always the cure). 1. Juice fasting.... bad. I am not a fan of this. Why? Depletes the organism of nutritions. In case your acne is due to a vitamin deficiency, you cant expect to cure it with "fasting". Eat maintainance calories. If you are not fit, lose some weight with 20% calorie reduction, intermittent fasting. Body fat affects acne. 2. EDUCATE yourself. Just