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    You have the best image descriptions. If I look at my computer screen from the side, all I can see is my wall.
  2. If you just went to the dermatologist today and got prescribed it, how can you have run Cross Country on it? 100mg for one day will not do what you say.
  3. Your depression may not be linked to Solodyn but there's one very sure way to find out, and that's to come off of Solodyn. Replace it with a non-tetracycline antibiotic (Erythromycin, Trimethoprim, Ampicillin, Bactrim, Cephalexin, etc). Your first move should be to drop Solodyn, not counter it's possible effects with anti depressants - which can be a nightmare to quit.
  4. The only candidate I know of for pressure inside your head while on Minocycline is Intracranial Hypertension. This is what the person would have had the spinal tap for, to check the pressure of the spinal fluid and relieve it if it's too high. ALL tetracycline based antibiotics have the potential to cause Intracranial Hypertension. Minocycline / Solodyn seems to be the worst for it though. What happens is the drug either causees the body to produce too much spinal fluid, or prevents it's normal
  5. The list of side effects for Soloydn / Minocycline is long. Tiredness / fatigue is one of them. Minocycline gave me intracranial hypertension. Intracranial hypertension can absolutely cause depression, tiredness, fatigue, sap motivation, and all sorts of other madness. Anybody on Solodyn / Minocycline and not feeling right should stop using it, forget about their skin for a month, and just concentrate on how they feel.
  6. Yes. Although depression is not listed as a side effect of tetracycline based drugs, that does not mean their use cannot lead to it. I took Minocycline for a long time, not knowing it was causing intracranial hypertension. Now anybody with intracranial hypertension is not going to be the most upbeat person you have ever met. Intracranial hypertension can definitely, directly, cause depression. Also, tetracycline's can directly cause fatigue and tiredness. Those are listed as side effects.
  7. That may well have been intracranial hypertension. I had it, caused by Minocycline.
  8. It's possible it may not work for you, but...you gotta give it time. Two months, bare minimum, I would say, and I've taken lots of different antibiotics. They really can start working their magic two months in. I'm thinking about taking this myself, haven't tried it yet.
  9. That happened with the polio vaccine. The guy who invented it didn't patent it so everybody could make it. He said it would be as absurd as patenting the sun. The problem with this is - somebody already patented it. Not sure how patents work but they do run out for most things I believe. Not sure if this can still be patented for this long. It may be able to because it's not been in use, not sure.
  10. Yet another person who feels a million times better off of Minocycline.
  11. If I got trouble breathing / chest pains on any tablet, at any time, I would stop immediately and call a doctor. Breathing is kinda serious ya know. As an aside, I think minocycline should be an absolute last resort antibiotic. And not just because I got intracranial hypertension on it.
  12. Do they? You know what actually caused the government to get into drug control big-time, don't you? It was the terrible thalidomide scare in the late 50's and early 60's. It caused some HORRIBLE birth defects in the babies of pregnant women who took the drug. After that, the FDA realized they had to carefully monitor and control the development of drugs. Can you really blame them for that? Of course there needs to be an approval process and oversight, you can't have companies selling a
  13. BP should come with hospital overalls, to be worn at all times. Also, hospital bed sheets. And towels. Completely impractical. You can't wear anything of any value. And if you do sports you're in for a whole lot of fun, when sweat is pouring down your face. You may as well pour Domestos down yourself.
  14. I used Quinoderm 10% for several years and it's the best BP I found. WAY better than Panoxyl. For me, 2.5% Panoxyl was unbearable. Mega irritation. Wheras 10% Quinoderm was fine. Something in the Panoxyl didn't agree with me. But others have said similar about that stuff. Although I can't compare Quinoderm with Dans because I haven't used Dan's BP. Quinoderm 10% was always, significantly, better than any 2.5% for me.
  15. This thread seems to have transformed from topical ibuprofen to tea tree oil. I have tried tea tree oil, neat, as a complete replacement for BP. BP kept my face 99% clear. I was looking to change purely because BP is a pain in the ass for bleaching everything. So I switched to tea tree oil neat. Absolutely zero problems with irratation, didn't have any. However, it did not keep my face anywhere near as clear as BP. For me I would say it didn't work at all. And this is neat, 100%! I had read on
  16. Remember the entire acne prevention industry goes right down the toilet once a perfect vaccine is easily available. Just watch Roche buy the patent and shelve it.
  17. The cost of getting FDA approval for a new drug averages well over $100 million. I don't remember for sure if the exact figure is $200 million or $300 million or $400 million, but for the sake of argument, let's assume that it's only $100 million. If what you said is correct about a company making back "hundreds of thousands of times over" the cost of FDA approval for an acne product, that would be AT LEAST $100 million X 100,000 = 10 TRILLION dollars!!! The last time I checked, the entire GD
  18. I think the large costs of FDA testing and approval must be ruled out, because if these products were to be great then the companies would make that money back many, many, many times over. Hundreds of thousands of times over. I think it's one of these: a) The products are not effective enough so people wouldn't want them. or b) The products have been deemed dangerous. or c) They are being prevented from coming to market as they would negatively effect the profits of other produ
  19. The time difference between your tests introduces a whole boat load of other potential variables. If people really want to test this, they need to do months without, then months with, without changing any other factor - diet, level of exercise, etc, etc, needs to be kept the same. Or the whole test is entirely pointless.
  20. Newlife, I would be wary of punch excision for your skin. Because, unless you punch every single scar, you're going to end up with what looks like a whole variety of scars. Currently you have acne scars. If you start randomly punching this and that, you will then have acne scars and punch scars. I only think a punch scar is preferable if the surrounding skin is not covered in other acne scars. One uniform problem, acne scars, is at least consistent. A whole mixed job lot of scars doesn't have th
  21. From the photos her skin looks completely level, I think the last thing she would want is a fat injection. And I wouldn't touch the line scars with any kind of peel for at least 2 years, if ever.
  22. I think the work you have had done is not only great, but I don't see how it could possibly have been any better. You took classic scars from classic skin problems and reduced them to lines. This is the absolute best that can be achieved today. And I would certainly take a line scar over a chickenpox or acne scar. From the last update it definitely looks like you will just have fine lines which will continue to improve over months and years. Best result achievable imo. The "you shouldn't have
  23. How are you ruling out the possibility of hormone spikes and/or constantly raised levels of hormones having an effect on oil glands? This would be the ultimate problem. Even if no sex = much better skin....what you gonna do? There's no way you can judge actual acne after a week. But it may be possible to judge effects on just oiliness. Then again, the lack of oil may just be an initial reaction of your skin to the sudden lack of sex. So if you continue to go without, your skin may just
  24. I think when a topical cream comes along which reduces sebum output it will be GAME OVER for EVERYTHING else. Everything. All other creams, bars, soaps, healthy lifestyles (harhar), holistic madness, keeping your hair out of your face, standing on your head, drinking fifteen thousand pints of water a minute, and what have you. I came across this patent application from 1983, excerpt:
  25. I've been thinking about this recently. And have thought about it before. I think there's two sets of questions. One set is on the negative aspects: Does masturbation give a spike in hormone levels? Is this spike enough to cause such an increase in sebum production as to block pores? Wheras without this spike they wouldn't have got blocked? Does frequent masturbation cause the body to be constantly creating more hormones as others are used up more/absorbed more/something? And does this const