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  1. In on this. You'll be clear soon enough. Took accutane at the same dose roughly 2 years ago, best decision I've ever made for my skin.
  2. Stick with it, accutane will work. I had mild acne when I was prescribed 20mg/day and I was suppose to be on it for 2 years as well, but decided to stop after 6 months because I was clear after about 2. Thing with this drug is that it will push out all clogged pores to the surface, whether that be in small comedones that come out like blackheads (this is the best you can hope for), or bigger, deeper cysts. Depending on the severity of your acne I believe your doctor should have been tapering
  3. Hey @notcrazy & @my5guys . Not really sure whats happening, but I'll go ahead and bring this to the attention of the mods in the moderator section. Seems like others are having problems with it too, hopefully it'll be fixed soon.
  4. Hey @eatmyshitacne , sorry about that. Not really sure whats happening, but I'll go ahead and bring this to the attention of the mods in the moderator section. Seems like other people are having problems with it as well. Will keep you updated.
  5. Realize that the picture on the bottom is heavily photoshopped. No ones skin looks that perfect man..
  6. I definitely feel your excitement! Tbh accutane worked so well that the accutane log I made on this site was quickly abandoned as I forgot I ever had acne. This is literally a life saving drug, excited for you to see the blemishes disappear right before your eyes
  7. 4 days is not enough time for anything to happen really. You'll be fine. I've just finished my 6th month on accutane, very low dose as well (20mg/day) and although I've gotten a little bit oilier, my skin is still clear. Its been about 3 weeks since my dermatologist recommended I take a break, but I will be back in 2 weeks time. So no, don't worry, nothing is gonna happen and you won't lose any progress.
  8. Happy for you man! If there is an initial breakout, do not let that discourage you. You're literally 5-6 months away from perfect skin
  9. Accutane is literally THE BEST THING I have ever done for my skin. I have been on a very low dose (20mg/day) for 5 months now, at 84kilograms bodyweight, and my face is the best its ever been. No joke, its probably in the same condition as it was before I even hit puberty. Whether or not you decide to do it is something you need to weigh out for yourself. I had mild acne, but it was bothering me and my self confidence. Now after roughly 5 months on accutane, my life has drastically improved.
  10. Its called purging, and its common with Retin-A. A lot of people have had success with Retin-A, and its amazing for dark marks, but personally it didnt work with me as I still had oily skin.
  11. Can't really tell if the redness on the neck is because of the differin or the aczone. Differin tends to irritate the skin, but only in places where it is applied. If you aren't applying it to your neck or eyelids, it shouldn't be getting irritated. You have to experiment for yourself. Personally I would stop one and see if the rashes continue, and if so I would reintroduce the same medication but remove the other one, and see if that is the culprit. Although if you were having an allergic re
  12. Yes, I use panthenol moisturizer because this benzoyl peroxide stuff dries out my skin a lot Yeah its a good idea to start slow with the BP. Your acne doesn't look bad at all, just looks like some inflamed clogged pores. The reason why it looks worse is cause of the overall redness. How often are you using the BP?
  13. Benzoyl peroxide caused me an initial breakout when I used it about 3 years back, so it could be that. Irritation also contributes to acne breakouts, so its in your best interest to try to prevent that. Are you using a moisturizer?
  14. Can't really see them properly but it looks like its post inflammatory erythema, and not post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The main difference is that PIH is caused by increased melanin after the lesion has healed. The "damaged" layer of skin eventually sloughs off with time, or you can speed up the process with retinoids (like differin), which cause the skin to shed faster. The problem here is, that doesn't look like PIH so melanin isn't your problem, therefore the differin probably won