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  1. I just came across an add for Vilantae, which touts itself as a less extreme version of Accutane, or at least they say they create similar results. Has anyone used it? Did it work? Is it safe? The quantities they want you to take seem high.
  2. Hi, Tootle. How's your skin coming along? Are you still on Accutane? Has the oiliness come back? I'm in the same boat as you. I'm F/37, and have the most ridiculously oily skin. It's actually oilier now than it was when I was a teen. Like you, I wake with my face looking as if I had dipped it in oil. I get shiny all over within 30 minutes of washing, and normally go through 4 Shiseido blotting sheets in 7 hours. I've considered requesting Accutane to combat the oiliness, but am concerned