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  1. lol:)u seem to be alone in ur opinion. IM a guy using concealer all the time, and i get many girls,-already was invited for a photosession too.. use it if it amkes ur confidence better!!
  2. no probs mate!!i use concealer everyday pretty much everywhere a little-and my skin looks tons better with it, also wehn i get dark circles under eyes i might dab a bit of concealer on there too!!no big deal, some of frineds know taht i use it!1
  3. i got mild/moderate acne and i get chicks all the time...maybe thats coz they like emoboys like me:)
  4. tom delonge himself has/had severe acne-just look at his face withot makeup
  5. ahha thats weak man :D :D my record is 4 days-thast a PERFORMANCE :D
  6. Blink182,paul oakenfold,gabriel and dresden,atb,massive attack,placebo,the ataris,foo fighters{reminds me of my ex) coldplay,mudhoney,babyshambles
  7. before acne i walked into the street lamp once-had a massive,sore clump on my forehead to deal with~all this because i was talking to my sister who was walking 10 meters to the left from me! she laughed like mad man when she saw me falling to the ground after i hit the streetlamp
  8. nope-i look perfectly fine on mirrors which have normal lighting to then-even in direct sunshine
  9. dunno anything bout the mirrors but if u look on google skin+fluorecentlighting u ll get loads of bad looking hair/skin/makeup stories
  10. it depedns if u look at the light and its real bright and cold then its fluorescent, everyones skoin looks bad in it
  11. as i said this is excatly the saem to ppl with gr8 skin and make up-they find taht fluoresecnt lights make them look real awfull-nothuing to do with acne
  12. hehe-i m 4 days withot it and its already crazy=p i just gonna wait till the next party with ma gf which might be in a week or maybe 2weeks...
  13. how does it reduce ur chances?
  14. wtf? it got powder in it it cant shine. i think u made a mistake stoko-there is no shine at all from it-i guess you ve got some special make up resistant skin stoko
  15. im already 2 days without masturbation/sex.feeling real good,no breakouts.
  16. haha)do u read terry pratchet?
  17. if u r from US-just use the second link with eucerin concealer pencil,which is freely available in US.i have them both and they work pretty simillar
  18. yeah let him give us all the details-hes sacrifising his balls for us-AC3 dont give up-im joining u in this battle=D
  19. its unnoticable-blends real well with my skin. as for sweat-didnt have any probs:D lovin it
  20. agree with you mate..completely, i just ignore those people who maon around how acne destroys their life, get them air lifted to africa for a week:D
  21. Hey there i use concealer by Eucerin on my problem areas-the jawline and under my nise, works real nice too and heals the acne..i can only recommend it.BTW i apply it with my finger..