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  1. i am going through the same thing as of now. i was at the movies last night and by the time the movie was done i had 3 new pimples on my face, two of them are not as deep and big as the ones i used to get pre-tane but i have one on my nose that is big and red. I didnt get an initial break out. it was smooth sailing for me up until now. i just finished month 4 of a 6month treatment. since I was having random facial flushing i was put off accutane for a month then will continue the next two mon
  2. Amazing, just be patient!

    I was prescribed biacna by my dermatologist after i've been on bactrim for 2 weeks and it was smoot sailing after that. as soon as the bactrim kicked in all I had to worry about was the part where my skin gets used to the gel. it took about 2-3 weeks of experimenting on how frequent i should use the biacna(ziana) but after that i used it every night and the redness and the peeling has all subsided. I have stopped taking bactrim for a week now and still no horrible breakouts because of this gel.
  3. i dont know if anyone or somebody reads this, but here it is. pictures of my progress using biacna for 3weeks and bactrim for a month. so far so good not too much redness just some nights but they're more like random flushes not "irritation redness". less and less pimples every week. hopefully when I get my period i dont her new pimples lol. reallg bothered by the red/brown marks but they are fading. skin tone is so much more even. so much more! UPDATE: One month on biacna and 6wks on ba
  4. no new pimples for the past two days, just 2 really small red bumps. I hope they dont get inflamed. been alternating pure biacna and biacna+moisturizer for 5 nights now. less irritation, still peeling a bit.
  5. Week 2 (day 11) I might be having the initial break out because my cheeks have been pretty clear three weeks into bactrim and one week on biacna. However, in the middle of week 2 with biacna, i got 3-4 pustules. they are small but still brings me down more than anything else but just like everything else, this too shall pass. skin tone overall has improved, nose and forehead have been clear for a few days now. skin is peeling, face is still a bit red/pinkish.
  6. minocycline wont prevent every pimple from popping up and benzoyl peroxide takes care of the ones that do. As for the hyperpigmentation, i havent been using the ziana long enough to recommend it. bu i recently just started mixing a pea size with my moisturizer and so far no irritation in two nights. and the tretinoin in it is supposed to help pih. best of luck! as for over the counter treatment try AHA.
  7. Idk why but i can still feel my cheeks stinging hours after the moisturizer but it's pretty tolerrable. its just weird because this is the first night not using the biacna and my first night experiencing this redness and burning. woke up with my cheeks not so red anymore. no more stinging just pink cheeks.
  8. lol i feel you with the red cheeks. right now im still feeling a mild burning. I am scared of the IB with the ziana but i actually belive it will help fade marks faster as soon as my face gets uses to it. If your marks are still there or havent faded in 2-3 months id say guve retinoid a try. your acne would've been surfaced up by that time with your regimen now. so using a retinoid 2-3 months from now would cause such a bad IB possibly none at all. these are just based on what i've read h
  9. Im using ziana or biacna gel which is a combination of your prescriptions. I've used a pea size for 5 consecutive nights (per my derm) and now on the 6th day and my face right now is stinging (mild) and looks so red. my advice to you is to use it every 2 or three days. if every other day is too irritating.
  10. Im confused why your derm prescribed bp for your acne. from the pictures I can see that you have mostly closed comedones that are flesh colored. Your cheeks aren't that bad so dont worry too much. My red marks are 10x worse on both cheeks! So my derm prescribed me with: ziana(biacna) it has clindamycin and tretinoin 0.025(retin-a) every night and bactrim twice a day. He said the tretinoin would help fade the red marks. The time frame he gave me is 4 months. anyway, Good luck on your reg
  11. update: Week 1 (5days) So I washed my face tonight with a gentle cleanser and used a toner. both are extremely gentle(i got them from the acne clinic I go to) tonight was supposed to be my 6th day of the biacna gel but my better judgement lead me to the decision of skipping it tonight. I just finished applying my moisturizer over my red cheeks! and there was mild burning for less than a minute. I'm getting a new pimple on my left temple.
  12. thanks leelowe1 for the information. I just felt so bad today because before the ziana it was okay to use foundation for the pih but now its just useless because of the peeling and so much redness when you used ziana before, did you experience the redness and peeling too?
  13. these pictures are making me so sad. I just want to cry. 3weeks on bactrim 1week on ziana or biacna Right now I have 1pimple on my chin, 2 on my outer left cheek, and 1 on my right temple. cheeks are 100% clear except for the stupid PIH! They make me so depressed! Ugh!!! Questions: My cheeks are red and face is peeling. when will this end? My PIH looks a lot redder. when will they start fading?? Bactrim is helping with the breakout by making the pimples disappear alot faster with
  14. Woke up today with my cheeks looking bright red but I still went on with the cleanser and moisturizer of the regimen making sure i didnt get past the 12hr mark. Hopefully the redness goes down today because its monday tomorrow and i would have to go to school. Tonight I am going to try to do a sensitive skin approach to the regimen that I found online which says that: First 3 days- use benzoyl peroxide for 15 mins the wash off. Days 4-6 - leave it on for 30 mins the wash off. Days 7-9- leav
  15. Day 1 I have two small white heads(papules) and 3 under the skin pimples that are a bit red. I washed my face with the cleanser as instructed. Air dried my face which took about 30 mins then applied a pea-size amount of benzoyl peroxide. After about 30 mins I applied the moisturizer. My face ( just the cheeks actually) got bright red after about an hour and a half after applying the benzoyl peroxide but there was no stinging or burning.